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Deutsche Bank

Hi I have applied for a summer internship in Global markets at dutsche bank and have completed the online numerical test and the following message is showing in the track my app section:
You have successfully completed our numerical reasoning test. Your results have been submitted for review and you will be contacted shortly.

Does this mean that I have definitely passed the numerical test and that they are now deciding whether to interview me or are they deciding whether i have passed or not.
Also has anyone else applied for an internship and have you heard anything yet?? all help appreciated. thanks


According to me, it means that hey are “checking” your results and deciding whether or not to interview you.

But I am not an expert, so you should wait for another opinion, maybe someone who has already applied for Deutsche Bank … I intend to do so during the week :wink:

Good luck for your application, let us know what’s happening :wink:



How long does it take for them to inform you that you need to take a numerical test after you submitted the application?



I believe it taken about 3 weeks with my application.


Does anyone know how long they had to wait before they heard from deutsche bank regarding interview after they had taken the test?


And has anyone got a date for interview from db or are they still waiting to here? thanks


I did a test about a day ago and they still haven’t gotten back to me. For some reason DB seem to have a slower process than most other banks, I mean BarCap got back to me with a rejection in about 2 minutes after the verbal test (which was harder than usual BTW).



I took the Barcap numerical test, and then the verbal test, on Monday (or maybe Tuesday) and I didn’t receive any answer yet, I mean I just received “Thanks for having taken the test, we’ll get back to you…”.

The verbal test I had was 90% the same I had with HSBC … the only thing is that I tried to take it in French with Barcap, just to experiment it (I’m French), and I found it much difficult in French, words are…hmm…let’s say too different in their meanings lol.

What kind of questions did you have ? Were there some about leadership, global warming, a firm that wanted to open a factory in Asia, machines that replaced chemical dangers by others … ?


Hey cant believe it I jus got a reply back from deutsche bank saying that they will not be progressing my application further, i take it i havent done well on the numerical test even though i honestly thought i had done well. Anyhow ive still got to here fro my applications at credit-suisse and UBS hopefully ill have better look there.



I was invited to the numerical test just the day after i submitted the online application… hope it helps.




I just received an email from DB inviting me to take the numerical test. Is the numerical test from SHL ? If not, is it the same “difficulty” level ?

Anyway, I think I will take it on Sunday, today was a very long day, and tomorrow I’ll go to London with other international students from my uni … So I’ll check your answer tonight or Sunday

Thanks :wink:



How long does it take for them to inform you that you need to take a numerical test after you submitted the application? Thank you


the numerical test questions are not that difficult its just that there is a lot of them so its a speed test as well as a numerical test as you have to answer 20q’s in 20 mins. They ask questions that are mainly based on statistics so you have to calculate percentage increases and analyses data from tables and pie charts etc. They give you a practice test to start off so dont worry. What is SHL by the way?? ive not heard of it.



SHL is a company that creates numerical (and verbal) tests. Some banks use SHL tests, like BNP, HSBC, Barclays and probably others.
Ok, it seems to be the same as usual :slight_smile:

By the way, I asked you about that because I took the Merrill Lynch test on Wednesday, during the night, and I failed. I found the questions harder than usual, I don’t know why … anyway, I will take the Deutsche Bank test on Sunday I think.


I applied yesterday at midday, and I received an email from DB today, roughly 24 hours after I submitted my application.


i submitted my application about a week ago and still haven’t heard about numerical test…should I take this as a bad sign?


ive applied for an LRC internship with them, still waiting to here


@chim whats LRC??

altho the invitation to the numerical test is an automated response once the computer has proccessed your CV.


how long does it take on average to process cvs tho? lrc is legal, risk and capital


Oh right i see!! thnx am2000, erm I would say personally it took a week. altho it seems lot of ppl around here seem to be quicker but I guess it depends really.

Did the people that were successfull hear back v.soon after the numerical test?


@ bananas - legal risk and capital - its ICAS recognised for training accountants