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I’ve had my first round (face to face) interview with these guys, and have found them to be fairly professional so far. My travel expenses were refunded in cash immediately afterwards. My advice would be to give them a go (I seem to remember the application process is fairly simple). I found a pretty good description of what they’re after in the job vacancy description on their website - you do have to search for it a bit though.

JDLK’s experience certainly doesn’t reflect mine, though i’d be surprised if they chose to use “stress” interviews that early in the process. I’d certainly be firing off a few pissed off emails in his shoes.

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I was wondering if feedback is usually given immediately after the phone interview? …and if not, how long feedback from this first stage actually takes?




Don’t worry about not receiving feedback straight away. I didn’t. I haven’t received any feedback to date and I’ve progressed to the final stages. shlobadov comments are by far the best advice you can get. cheers bud!!

Detica seems like a very decent company to work for, everyone I spoke to during all stages of the process seemed reasonably switched on, bright and professional.

However, HR seems to take slightly longer to reply which is the only downside.


Hey driveby,

In terms of feedback I actually meant ‘hearing as to whether or not they want to see you for the next stage’ (though obviously the feedback would be nice as well!)



Hey bensong,

when did you have your phone interview? I had a reply 1.5 weeks later


Oh right, ok… thanks for the info, that’s a big relief! I had the interview a little under a week ago. I couldn’t gauge much from the interviewer it has to be said!



Is anyone familiar with the sort of questions/topic they asked as part of the 2nd round case study?

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good luck on the 2nd stage. it seems the 2nd stage interviewer questions are similar to the first stage (depends on the interviewer) but with the addition of a presentation and a case study which seems to be different from one another (just think on your feet)

good luck


me too. after 2 months now.


any update guys? I’m having an identical experience.


Some good advice above guys. Has any one been on any recent interviews?


Guys I had my interview earlier this year…It was ok and very relaxed. I did my presentation and it went well and they were very friendly.

If you want to know more email me on
Am from lboro to!


It was for Data Analyst position rather than a Technology Consultant like most on here so I was asked a couple of technical questions about programming modules I’d done and he asked me to write out a quick computer programme to work something out that he told me. I made one mistake and he pointed out that the programme wouldn’t run correctly, I then spotted the mistake and corrected it and he seemed fairly impressed.

Other than the technical stuff, just went through my CV and asked basic questions. Office was nice, people were nice, expenses refunded no problem.


Hi All,

I am currently applying for a graduate developer role at Detica, got an interview coming up for the next few weeks.

Any other advice which may be helpful either technical or for competency?