Detica Response Time


Hi All,

I had an interview with Detica just over two weeks ago (on 27th November) and I haven’t heard anything back from them. I contacted the person that arranged my Final Interview and they said that the application was still with the company. I’m just wondering whether anybody else has any experience with Detica on their response time for offer or rejection? Should I stay hopeful or keep up the job hunt after so long?




heya! have u heard anything from them? I had final round interview for summer internship scheme and at the interview they said that they would get back to me within a week. They ended up calling me after a week and a half and offered me the internship so i’d see it as a good thing!:)…


thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, still nothing as yet. I did contact the graduate recruitment team and they said there could be another week wait, so hopefully I’ll find out soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed in the meantime!