Desperately seeking....a graduate scheme with no Math test!???


Does anyone know if such a opportunity exists?

I have the 2.1 etc but am failing at these psychometric math test thingys!

Are there any grad schemes out there without these pesky math tests?



It depends on what type of work your looking at. For financial work, it’s a given that you need to do them whereas in sales, i don’t think they make you do psychometric tests. Either way, my advice is Practice, Practice, Practice!!! my first attempts at these tests were terrible but i can pretty much do whatever level of difficulty now! check out the links in the forum to SHL, Kenexa, etc…


Thanks a lot for the advice!

I’m looking for a job in marketing!

But will get on with the practice!


There’s many website that could help. And I’m sure there’s companies out there who do not do numerical tests just have to find one ahha. But hey I can help you if you like @frankieberte