Describe a time when you just had to give up?


Hey sorry for posting so many topics recently, as you can tell my interview is fast approaching!

I’m really stuck on the question “describe a time when you just had to give up?”

I cant for the life of me think of a time that i just gave up, at least one thats not just gonna make me look like a failure in the eyes of the interview! has anybody been asked this question at interview before and do you have any suggestions?

Thanks once again


With all questions where the expected response is negative, counter it with something positive.

Think along the lines of “I couldn’t land a trainee trader job so I gave up applying, but decided to study for my MSc to improve my knowledge of the financial asset classes.”

Maybe that’s a bad example, but it illustrates my point.


Turn the question on it’s head.

For example, rather than saying “my university dissertation was really difficult, so I gave up”, say something like… “I am a very focussed person. When I start something I have to see it through to completion. My friends tell me I should take more breaks, but I like completing work in one go. At university I was so engaged with my final year dissertation that I spent two weeks in the library studying middle-eastern philology, just stopping for food and water breaks. In the end, my friends forced me to give up, and take a break for a whole weekend, which actually helped me to let off some steam before completing the dissertation the following week”.

You get the gist?


Brilliant, thanks very much for your help