Denmark green card scheme


I wish to apply for Denmark’s Green card scheme which allows one to live and work there for three years but the I read some articles criticizing the scheme as it does not conduct labor market test before giving away visa and gives visa to almost everyone. As a result many fresh graduates do not find jobs in their field and end up working as waiters in restaurants. This does sound scary but I am a international student who finished her masters with a commendation degree in UK and is now pursuing ACCA just to earn another year’s visa and figure out something in the mean time. For applying to any other country’s visa I would need to have 6months visa of the country where I am applying from and right now I have that. I keep insisting on Denmark because if I am successful and I find a job there, then I can gain PR in four years and come back to UK. Also countries like USA, Canada, UK will not give a work visa until you have a job in hand and a sponsor ready to sponsor your visa. As a fresh graduate its very hard to find a sponsor. In UK I do get interview calls but they say that they do not have the license to sponsor. This gives me hope that if I get the work visa it may be possible to bag a job. Right now I am pursuing ACCA and I work part time in KFC. I earn about £400 out of which I pay off £200 towards my students loan repayment. You can understand how hard it is live a life on £200 a month in England. My parents are worried that if I move to Denmark I might keep working in KFC for the rest of my life. Honestly, I do not like to work there either and I am desperate to start my career with a job in my field. However, given my situation I think moving to Denmark will be helpful financially as I will not be a student anymore and I will be allowed to work full time. ACCA can be completed ten years from now and so I can remain a part time student and give one paper a year and work full time and pay off my student loan. Is there a flaw in my plan? If so, please tell me what I should do instead. I understand that Denmark will not be a bed of roses but I’m intending to learn their language and I have the killer instinct to make it work. Whatever it is, I don’t think that my life will be worse than what it is now. It is very hard to keep paying student loan when one is allowed to work only 20hrs a week at basic pay. So I think that I don’t have much to lose and it is definitely worth a shot. Please advise.


I am not sure about ACCA but Denmark visa has been criticized a lot online with Indians and Pakistanis in spite of having so much work experience and qualifications could not get a job…Its unfortunate but even I am trying to figure out what should I do to stay away from going back to India…How do you survive in £200 pounds a month? Me too really stuck !!!


Sorry but how will you move to Denmark and not be a student??? Am I missing something? I have checked their visa as well but didn’t find any information that you have mentioned ???


Hi nikki
The Denmark green card scheme gives u three years of work permit . If u get a job u can extend it for another year. After four years I think you get a pr, not sure though. If u have a pr then nothing like it, u can come back to uk. However, this green card scheme is highly critisized. I m not sure if I want to go there anymore


Hi Sreyashi, why do you say that it is criticized? Why wouldn’t anyone with the right qualifications/experience get a job? I have done my Masters in the UK. I am now back in India working for a Global Company. I have been thinking of applying for the Danish Green Card. Apparently it takes 7 months to get the 3 year visa which can be renewed at the end of the 3rd year for another 3 years and then 2 more years, after which you can get PR.

I am very keen on this prospect. Can you tell me what exactly am I missing here?


Dear Sreyashi,
I don’t know much abt ur degree. But I’ve friends here (DK) came from UK with good degrees… so far I know they end up doing job in shops & restaurants…

Luck only matters here…


Thanks for the info. Even I m told the same by people who have friends in Denmark. I m also considering doing s short course in Denmark and then applying for green card, then I get a bit more time to be aquatinted with the country and the language . Do you think that people who study in Denmark get a competitive age there?


Thanks for the info. Even I m told the same by people who have friends in Denmark. I m also considering doing s short course in Denmark and then applying for green card, then I get a bit more time to be aquatinted with the country and the language . Do you think that people who study in Denmark get a competitive age there?


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I have completed Undergraduation and Masters from UK. My nationality is bangladeshi. I want to migrate Denmark under greencard scheme. It will be very helpful for me if some answer my question.

  1. As I mentioned I have completed education from UK, do I need to do any language courses?
  2. In adaptability, can I get points, because of my Education?
  3. I did masters in computing and information systems. Can I get point for this as a positive list? because its listed.
  4. I have no work experience, can I apply without this. If I calculate with above section I got 100 points…
  5. Age 28.
  6. I found somewhere, they said, If you fulfil the all sector(Like workexperience, etc), then bonus point will be counted, like positive list, positive list is in bonus point.

below I have provided my points.
50 points- Qualification
10 points- Positive list
20 points- English Proficiency.
15 points- Age
5 points- Adaptibility
100 points…
is the above evaluation is correct??
Please reply me sooon!!


Hello Sreyashi, I can relate to your problem. I recently graduated with a degree in Accounting and finance from Teesside university and am stuck, I have searched throughout internet for a place for me to work on a full time basis and do ACCA part time and the place I found was Canada, the best way into Canada is obviously if you find a sponsor however this is nearly impossible, the next method is the hard way which is to immigrate, this can be done with a 1 year experience in your field of study, so says an immigration consultant here in India, so I have put my dreams on a pause and am trying to find a job here in India. You don’t have to work your ass off in a KFC or learn another language, try this method, I am not sure if this plan of mine will work but it is for sure an easier way.


Hi Shreyashi

Did you go for the green card scheme?
If yes, how is it in Denmark and do you advise one to move to Denmark?
I am an ACCA affiliate with the BSc degree from Oxford Brookes.



hello shreya, whr u at and how u doin’?? I am also planning to immigrate to denmark… What is your progress? Do you have any suggestions?