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I have a few questions as my final assessment day approaches!


Regarding the job:

1 - From the Deloitte website, I learnt that TA&A recruits can join one of these teams:

1 - Deloitte Audit Support
2 - IT Internal Audit
3 - IT Project Assurance
4 - IT Governance

Does anybody know how if people are given the choice of the team to join?

2 - Similarly, how are the six “core services” of TA&A (below) related to the four teams one can join as a graduate?

Data Quality and Integrity
Project Risk
Security and Privacy
IT Internal Audit
Controls Transformation
Business Continuity and Resilience

Deloitte UK | Technology Assurance & Advisory | Manage risk associated with information technology - Deloitte & Touche LLP

3 - Is there any information on the starting salaries for TA&A?

Thanks to anyone who’ll reply. :slight_smile:




Question 1:

After you have been given the job you will be asked to state your preference, however, it is only a preference, and you may be assigned a team based on the resourcing requirement. You should understand the different divisions though and you will probably be required to state and discuss your preference at interview.

Question 2

IT is a mix of technical advisory and assurance. Oftentimes, a company will receive a technology audit (assurance) and then advice will be given to improve systems and controls (advisory). Make sure you have an understanding of the terms audit/assurance and advisory in the context of this service line.

Question 3

Starting salary for graduate will be somewhere in the region of £27-29k in London, and £23-25k outside (or maybe less depending on the region).

Hope this helps!


Chris thank you very much, it helps a lot. You seem very expert and at the same time very helpful.
I wish I had discovered this site earlier on.


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Hi chris ,
Could you tell us exactly what happens in the final assesment day - ( e tray exercise and the partner interview) and also give us some tips for preparation for these.


I was offered a position in Internal Audit with Deloitte for £20,000 for London after being told initially that graduate starting salaries are around £25,000. Do they assess avery application individually. I really want the job but it will be very difficult to survive with £20,000.

Comments welcome. Thanks


Just a quick question - hopefully.

Is TA&A now part of the Enterprise Risk Service Technology Assurance department?