Deloitte's response


Hi guys,

I have completed and passed the reasoning tests for deloitte. After a long wait for a call for an interview, I received this email from them:

“Unfortunately we are unable to take your application further at this stage due to a high volume of candidates ahead of you in the pipeline.
We are unable to provide an interview date at present, however hope to be able to confirm the next stage of your recruitment process by 27th March”

Has anyone received this? what does it mean?

thanks guys :slight_smile:


Hi friction,

I’ve just done the aptitude tests for Deloitte too and a day later got the response “Thank you for completing our on-line psychometric tests, we will be in contact shortly.” That was earlier today so hopefully I’ll hear from them soon and I’ll let you know if I get the same response. How long did it take from you doing the tests to getting that response?

Also which intake year did you apply for? It may be that if you’ve applied for the 2010 positions then they’re trying to get any one who had applied for 2009 through the recruitment system first, hence the delay.


Hi kpazza, well i got an email right after the test saying I was successful but they were going to put my application on hold since they were doin this in a chronological order and this was about last week. I received the above email this week and i have confirmed that it is a 2009 application form i made not 2010. Does it usually take that long? Guess I will have to wait then.


Hi friction,

The message you got doesn’t mean anything else than what they’ve told you.

They’re most likely swamped with interviews for candidates who have applied before you and need to put your application on hold for now.

What is frustrating with these companies is that they fill their vacancies on a first come first serve basis, thus they may fill all their spots at any time, without even having interviewed all of their successful applicants. In the case that they’ve filled all positions for your chosen service line, they will probably email you and offer you the option to apply for an alternative service line. If it is very late in the recruitment process and they’ve filled all their vacancies, they’ll probably ask you if you want to be considered for the 2010 intake instead.

So definitely keep applying to places and don’t solely rely on Deloitte.


what service lines/regions are people applying for? i considered submitting an app for 09 but my friend who works there said they are almost already full in audit and tax even tho their website was showing vacancies in a couple of areas.

its the same with pwc, i went for an interview last wk and was told they were only takin 8 ppl max into tht role whereas last yr they took 25-30, so even tho the website shows “40% of vacancies”, theres only 2/3 positions, so they must be being mega selective!