Deloitten no reply



:mad: Had assessment centre at deloittle last tuesday and have not heard from them is this a bad omen? How have other people received offers from deloitte or have you received silent treatment from deloitte if rejected??


Hi Kieran,

You don’t need to worry, yet. Many major companies can take weeks to get back to graduates after interviews. Delays could be down to work pressure on HR (conducting other interviews), decision making processes (the firm deciding who to accept/reject) or even poor staff organisation!

In your position I would call a company after two weeks to check on your application/interview outcome - just to jog their memories and make sure everything is ok. But don’t expect feedback from firms quickly… they do have a lot of other work to do apart from get back to interviewees :slight_smile:

How was your interview/assessment?

Good luck! Ed


I would say just keep calling them. They did that to me as well. Finally, after the point at which I’d given up hope, I got a call for the assessment centre. Which was funny because my first interview went terribly, having been soaked to the bone by being caught in a storm!