hey guys , i called at deloitte as i didnt receive any reply after my partner interview. when i asked the person in charge , she told me you will get a reply soon … am quite impatient and afraid also.any1 who have been through the same step ?


Deloitte usually reply within 3 working days. If they haven’t replied, I suggest you contact your personal recruitment contact. Hope its great news!


Hi guys, I have recently started filling the summer internship application form. And I was wondering if you guys can suggest me what is the best approach to answer the following questions:

Describe what in particular energises you about working for Deloitte and the role you have applied to? Make sure your answer covers the following elements: What drives, interests and motivates you to perform well at work? How do you think this aligns to the role you have applied to?
(max 100 words in bullet point format)

Please let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis as a Summer Vacation Scheme Student.
(max 100 words in bullet point format)

Note: I am not asking for specific answers. But I need some guidance as I am confused at the moment with the approach especially for the first question.