Deloitte - What happens after the 3 year training contract finishes?


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I was just curious about the opportunities after the ACA training contract finishes for graduates? Do they offer you a job in-house?

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I would really like to know the answer to this too, and if they do offer, roughly how many places are available compared with number of applicants?


Don’t take my word fully on this; but from what I’ve heard.

  • % of graduate intakes drop out before the 3 year end (failed exams, better job offer etc)
  • % of graduates towards the contract end already have a more tempting offer lined up from a competitor either in the same field or a different department.
  • Some graduates have a change of heart at the end and decide to move into a completely different business line altogether. i.e. Chartered Accountancy to Game Developer / Programmer are not uncommon.

Also with so many seniors / middle managers leaving for better opportunities at other firms there is generally enough vacancies to accommodate newly qualified graduates.


Is that when you become an associate? If not, what is the actual job title? Thanks- that information is really useful :slight_smile: