Deloitte vs Accenture


Wondering what people in this position have decided to do and what swinged it in the the favour of Deloitte or Accenture. Just interested in what was the major factors in starting your career at one of these companies - I am in the same situation and just wanted to see what other thought.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


I do know of a colleague who did an internship with Accenture and they did work him very hard but i think thats expected for a new graduate for big companies. You do get a 27k starting approx so i think you have to work very hard for the first two years maybe.

I have a contact in Deloitte and he said to me they treat people very well …hes a managing director and on a big salary. The company has looked after him well.

Depends on the individual i guess and what career path you want. You need to know the industry they are in because the first step is the most important.