Deloitte verbal test


Hi guys, anybody can tell me how many questions are there in real Deloitte verbal?

By the way, anybody know the link to SHL verbal practice test? I took the first one among the following listed on SHL direct.

Verbal comprehension and reasoning
Numerical reasoning
Motivation questionnaire
Online interview
Inductive reasoning
Accuracy Tests

However, it is weird that their example’s options are true, false and can not say but the practice options are not.

Highly, highly appreciated with any of your help!

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just did the verbal test. There were 30 questions in about 18 minutes. It was the hardest verbal one i have done so far (and i have done a lot!). The questions were true, false and cannot say.


Thanks a lot! Have you done the practice one on SHL Direct? I can not find the right link to it.

Finger crossed!


//no i didn’t do that. I didn’t do any practice for the verbal test and i don’t think there is much need to. I thought i had done badly but i just got an email saying i am through to the next stage. Good luck!


thanks a lot for the information


hey lw07bm

I am also applying for I&TR 2011 entry. Can you please tell me, how many questions did u do in your numerical as well as verbal reasoning tests. Are there passing criteria in order to do these tests ? What strategy did you adopt ?


Hello all

I wonder if one of you could tell me whether in the Real Deloitte numerical test (SHL) you can go back and forth between the questions?

Thank you!


You can’t go back once you’ve moved on to the next question, which is a bit annoying as you can’t do the easy questions first.


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Hi everybody! Are there anybody know tips to pass the test CAT at E&Y and Deloitte. Plz help me!! Thank you so much.