Deloitte Transaction Services vs KPMG Audit


Hey everyone,

Could anybody help me decide on this issue?

I have got an offer from KPMG for Audit in London 2010. I am also in the application process for Deloitte Transaction Sevices (had a telephone interview now have a
numerical test to do). I am in two minds as to whether or not I should cancel my Deloitte application. On the one hand, I am a bit tired of the whole application process and would like to get started enjoying my gap year. On the other, I THINK (not completely sure about this) that the Deloitte job might be a better one for me. Let me define better:

  • more interesting work as you get to understand the competitive environment of a business and do market reports, etc. I know audit is famously mundane.
  • advisory job, so quicker route to Partner (this is what I have heard)
  • better exit opportunities into IBanking and top-tier management consultancy

This is what I think, but I have also heard that it is just as unglamarous as Audit, mostly just tedious due diligence and (like Audit) has lots and lots of travelling to client sites. If I am right in my three assumptions, I might just stick it out and go through with the long selection process. To be frank, I am a bit tired of going to interviews for which I am thinking “is this even better than the job I have…I could be playing Arkham Asylum right now”.

Note - both are ACA in London starting next year.



ps. a bit thanks to this forum for helping me get the KPMG job!


Well done on the offer!! Perhaps you could speak to someone at Deloitte and ask more about TS. I did this when I applied to PwC TS last year and spoke to a partner about it on the phone - he was really helpful and told me about some of the projects he had been working on etc. However, I also found out that in the first two years most client work is focussed on Audit, and that it is only in the 3rd year that you get to do any TS work. I’m not sure if this is the same for Deloitte but would guess it is similar. I think the main reason for this is TS involves lots of due diligence and requires the accounting core skills which can be picked up when working on audit projects in the 1st 2 years.

According to Greenwich Partners (they specialise in recruiting ACAs into Banking jobs) having worked in TS when doing the ACA gives you a better chance of getting a banking job than if having worked in Audit… However, a qualified audit ACA from a Big 4 firm working in London is still going to be very employable!


Welll done Yoyoma777111…

One quick questions did you graduate from a bulge-bracket Uni? With any specieal internships?


BTW cannot find any vacancied for Deloitte Transaction Sevices in London… Only for regional offices in Bristol and Birmingham etc…

Anyone know if they have closed this intake to London?


Have just looked on Deloitte application system, TS is still there as an option for applicants…


Yoyoma, did you come to a decision on that? I’m a very similar position to you at the moment (although slightly behind). I’m currently applying for Audit roles at KPMG and BDO but have a telephone interview for TAS at Deloitte on the horizon. Any tips?

Also, what are you doing for your gap year?! I’m starting to plan mine as an aside to all these applications! East Africa, Indonesia and USA :smiley:


Hey thanks for the comments everyone. I have decided to pursue the Deloitte application process. My decision was mainly fuelled by the fact KPMG starts next October (a bit late for my liking) whereas Deloitte, I think, starts next Summer.

Good luck everyone with their applications! Still don’t know what I want to do in the gap year! Perhaps some volunteering in Madagascar, sounds like it would be fun.


Hi guys

Well done getting interviews and offers.

One question: Did you guys have something that made you stand out you think? Like degree from top ten uni?


Khaddi, I’d say networking really helps. Get to know people at the firms as they’re all really friendly and really happy to help - they can remember what it was like being in our position and know that it’s not a huge amount of fun.

Also research - you really need to know your stuff: why are you applying for that particular role at that particular firm in that industry? It sounds basic but I bet lots of people would struggle with that question.

I’d also say an Oxbridge degree couldn’t hurt (unless you’re dealing with some reverse snobs!).