Deloitte Transaction Service first interview


Hi guys!
I will have the first round interview with Deloitte for transaction service role in coming weeks(they are still arranging due to the high volumn of application).Does anyone who had the interview for this programme can share your experience and questions???
Many thanks in advance.


For the first round interview, it is mainly competency based - and the competencies are found on the deloitte web-site. Basically just think of examples where you have demonstrated each competancy, eg in the football team, at work, at uni, wherever. Its a good idea to have more than one example of each.

I had my interivew a while ago so i cant remember exactly what the question was - but there was definitely some discussion about the corporate finance department, issues it faces, what it does etc.


Thanks for your help mate!!!
I check Deloitte website the competency would be tested does’t include the teamwork???I want to double check with you guy?Did you had been asked any questions regarding to teamwork?

Also,would anyone finished the interview give me the example that would be asked regarding adaptability???I am not sure what kind of question would be asked regarding to this competency?

Many thanks


Hi Harryleo,

Can you give us a feedback from your interviews ?



Sorry mate.
I still wait for the available interview date?When is yours?
Best of luck!


Mine is next week.