Deloitte telephone interview


Hi guys, just had my telephone interview with Deloitte. Was really stressful becos they randomly phoned on an unknown number and wanted to complete the interview there and then b4 i had even been told i has passed the verbal reasoning test. I hope i find out soon…this is for London cf so may be different for others…


I’m trying to arrange mine for next week…

Can you remember what questions they asked you?

Seems a bit cruel to put you on the spot like that! I think if you’re caught off guard it’s a good idea to ask if you can do the phone interview at another time as now isn’t convenient for you. Gives you a chance to prepare a little.

Best of luck with getting to the next stage!


Hello everyone

I recently had a pre screen telephone interview and I cleared it. I was asked 2 questions.

Why Deloitte?
What will be your day-to-day activities in the role you applied to?

Make sure you speak for atleast 2.30-3 mins per question with good points.

Does anyone know how long it will take for them to arrange a first interview?