Deloitte Telephone Interview!


I had my telephone interview for Deloitte last week so thought i’d let anyone know how it went.

I had a femal interviewer with an Eastern European accent, but she spoke perfect english and I understood everything she said…

She introduced herself and explained the purpose of the interview, she waffled a bit and I found myself beginning to talk after I thought she had finished, but then she carried on talking and we spoke over eachother! NOT GOOD!

She asked me a first question of WHY DELOITTE. I thought I had prepared well but when it came to it I wish I had more to say. I said i’d finished and she said ‘is that it?’. I racked my brains and came up with a few more reasons, and that was that.

She then asked what would I be doing in the first year. I rolled off everything about exams, visiting client sites (audit), making new friends and contacts, getting to know colleagues, all the usual. From he answer she picked up on ‘in what way will you be getting to know colleagues?’ I answered through the buddying system with more experienced associates, speaking to people at college from your intake and others, in the office etc.

And that was it! two questions, both of which I felt I answered rubbishly!

Where was the ‘difficult message’ question, I had such a good answer!?

Anyway, she then said thanks, thats the end. You will hear an automated response regarding your result very shortly, maybe even today, however no feedback is available (I saw this as a definate fail when she said this).

The interview lasted approx. 9 minutes, taking me to 19.10. By 19.45 I got an email saying congratulations you have passed!

I really don’t know, perhaps she licked the brummy accent, although I find this very hard to believe!

Any questions please ask, also she said we will be in touch in 2 to 3 weeks to organise first interview appointment, does anyone know how long a time frame there is between the dates offered for the first interview? Are they scheduled in the near future?



I have my phone interview tomorrow morning. Could you tell me how many minutes for each question one has to speak without stoppping? and How many reasons for why Deloitte you have given?



She didn’t specify but I guess I spoke around 2 minutes for each. I gave probably 8 or 9 reasons why Deloitte.

I forgot, I also had a question to name some clients of Deloitte. I listed around 8 here again.

Good Luck


thanks T account, have my tel interview on Friday.


Do you always hear back the same day? If you don’t hear back same day does that usually mean it’s a no?


my interview was on Friday, and got through on Mon. so don’t worry! be patient! good luck!


Hi, got my telephone interview on thursday can anyone tell me any deloitte clients please?!


RBS, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, WHSmith, Drax Group. They didn’t ask it on my interview but good to be prepared. good luck!


Still no word on whether I’ve got through and I had my interview on Monday, beginning to think I must be in the “maybe” pile and they will decide after conducting the other scheduled interviews for this week…




Hoorah - got through!


think i shall add to the collective wisdom - just had my telephone interview. Lovely interviewer named Anna ( polish I think). Asked me the standard questions of

  1. why Deloitte?
  2. What will you be doing in your first year?

The interview only lasted around 8 min. Don’t know if that’s bad but i got a good vibe from her afterwards. Hopefully i shall hear something back within 3 days. She said around this time it get’s very busy with all the applicants so there may be some delays when booking the next round of the recruitment process.

ow yeah, and i’ve applied for graduate position in strategy consulting. fingers crossed i pass!


Lol guys I had Anna for my phone interview as well. And yes she was quite nice. Although I still haven’t figured out whether she’s Russian or Polish. Anyway the questions were exactly as anticipated:

  1. Why Deloitte?
  2. What do you expect to do in your first year on a day to day basis?

Pretty straightforward I’d say. The conversation didn’t last more than 6 minutes and as soon as I hung up I received an email saying I’ve passed.

Also, for anyone wishing to go the extra mile in their preparation, here’s a list of all the Deloitte telephone interview questions I compiled from WikiJob:

Why Deloitte?
What do you think you’ll be doing during your first year?
Why have you chosen this service line?
Can you mention some of Deloitte’s clients?
Tell me about the professional qualification of your choice?
What services does Deloitte offer?
What is your understanding about professional services?
What do you think you will enjoy the most about this role?
Tell us about a time you had to deliver a difficult message.
Tell us about a time you had to make a presentation.

Hope this helps. Though I’d be surprised if they ask anything apart from the first 2 questions.


I’m applying to Corporate Finance Advisory. Just had the phone interview. Same woman and questions as everyone else. One question that did stand out was that she asked me what project is deloitte involved in which is not necesarily related to business. Luckily I had read this thread and found out about deloittes involvement in the olympics and thats exactly what she was looking for.
Not sure how well I articulated the answers but will just have to wait and see.
Thanks everyone for the heads up on the questions.
P.S I think shes Polish as opposed to Russian. lol


Hey guys, I had Anna as well and same questions! It lasted just under 6 mins, I am scared I might have spoken too quickly!


Hey guys,

Having passed the telephone interview yesterday, does anyone know how long it takes to be contacted about arranging the first face-to-face interview?



Hey guys,

Having passed the telephone interview yesterday, does anyone know how long it takes to be contacted about arranging the first face-to-face interview?



took 2 weeks to get me back and the earlist interview day is in Feb. hope it’s helpful.


For which division?


tax in london.