Deloitte telephone interview


hi! i am informed that i will be given a telephome interview from Deloitte as the first stage of my application.
is there anyone have the same? do you mind to share some of your experiences of a deloitte telephone interview?

thanks very very much for anyone’s any help!!!


i just had my tele interview with Deloitte this morning, so now im able to add some information about the interview

the interview stared at 10:29 (booked at 10:30), and finished at 10:41

the questions are:

  1. Tell me a time you had to deliver a difficult message (why was it difficult) to an individual?
  2. Why Deloitte?
  3. if someone doesnt know about the prefessional services, and firms, how do you explain to them, i.e. what do you understand about professional services?
    4.what do you think you will be doing on a day-to-day base in your first year?
  4. if you get the job, what do you think you will be most enjoy about working the service line you applied?

the interviewer is a gentleman, his english speaking is prefectly understandable, and clear.

so now, i just have to wait for my result, wish me luck!!!


Well done Jessica !!!

It looks Deloitte keeps updating this tel screen questions.

for my experience, you will get back from them at the last minutes of 3 days they told you in tel screen.

best wishes for you !!!