Deloitte Telephone Interview?


Nope the last of the 2010 ones.

Just finished my interview and had an email 2 minutes later saying I’d got through.

Questions :

Describe a time you’ve had to deliver a difficult message.

Why Deloitte.

What is your understanding of the Professional Services sector (bluffed way through that!)

What would you do in your 1st year.

Thanks to everyone who contributed on this page - onwards to the numerical test!!!

Good luck later BennyBoy951 - you’ll be fine.


Well done on getting through!


Had the interview today for financial advisory…

As clarie12345 had the same set of question…

just one more question added to it… what do u know about deloitte…

Thanks to everone who contributed on this page…

Got the result in just 2 min…

Good Luck to everyone!!!


wow thanks to everyone who commented on their interviews…

i have mine coming up on wed

i was wondering what is the best way to tackle the question on ‘‘name a time u had to deliver a difficult decision’’…what would be a good example. thanks


wow thanks to everyone who commented on their interviews…

i have mine coming up on wed

i was wondering what is the best way to tackle the question on ‘‘name a time u had to deliver a difficult decision’’…what would be a good example. thanks


Just another experience:

The interviewer had a European accent so it was a little difficult to understand her, luckily though she didn’t actually say very much after her introduction. She told me that she has my application in front of her and she would like me to expand on my answers.

I was only asked two questions:

Why Deloitte?

What will you be doing in your chosen service line during the first year?

The call was very short, only lasted about 5 -7 mins. If I was to give any advice it would be to look at your application again and expand your answers for career motivation. You can write out notes to have in front of you during the interview. Just be relaxed and friendly, don’t talk too fast and try and sound enthusiatic about what you’re saying. That’s what you’re being tested on mainly, the ability to communicate clearly.

For the people who aren’t sure about the question about delivering a difficult message, your example can be anything and from anywhere. It can be about rejecting someone from a team or activity, giving difficult news to someone you know or care about, dealing with a customer at work… With competency questions the examples don’t have to be spectacular, just from a variety of areas from your life.


hey thanks to everyone who has been posting.
I had my telephone interview this morning

I got asked:

  • whats your understanding of professional services
  • a time where you had to deliver a diffcult message
  • what will you be doing in the first year
  • why deloitte

my interview lasted 13mins lol

I was told i would hear from her in 3 days but after 10 mins after the interview I had an invition for online tests :slight_smile:


I am a international applicant. I am not sure why I was suppose to give tests online before my pre-screening interview. I have same interview tomorrow but I have already given both verbal and numerical tests online.


just had my phone interview. exact same questions came up. just waiting for emails now. thanks very much wikijobs you are a life saver!!!


Good luck!which service line are you going for?


tax 2010. passed which was nice. now waiting for email to see if i passed the verbal test. lots of waiting


does anyone know how deloitte looks at candidates for tax graduate position who are ACCA partly qualified? I learnt from the website that deloitte encourages CA qualification. I have already passed 9 from 14 ACCA exams and wouldn’t be happy to study for CA from scratch.
if anyone knows whether deloitte accepts acca partly qualified candidates I would appreciate a lot…


Hi guys, has anybody had an interview for the 2011 graduate intake?.. Do you guys think it will be the same?..


I had my 2010 interview last week and it hasnt changed since 2008 so I wouldnt be too worried.


thanks hedgehog… is it wise to use answers from your app form to some of the questions?..


why not… Its always good to use as much diversity as possible but if the stuff youve got on your app form is good then stick with it.


Hi All,
I had my telephone interview for Graduate programme 2010 in I &TR - Controls Assurance today morning. Went well. yet to get the feedback.
The scenario was
The interviewer introduced herself and asked me whether the time is fine for having a talk with me. Then she asked me for casual things like how are doing today like that.
She then briefly described the parts of the interview. Then she started to ask questions.
1)Difficult message
I mentioned an incident that happened during my course.
2)Why Deloitte ?
I listed impressive client(mentioned some clients BAE Systems,Procter & Gamble,Boeing,Arcelor Mittal . U can see the clients list in various industries in wikipedia itself by just typing Deloitte)portfolio,great career prospect for the employees thro’ professional qualifications,corporate responsibilities,community work like that.
3)What do you understand from professional services?
mentioned the 4 services audit,tax,corporate finance,consulting.(I think I blabbered something for this question by just reading the info what I have collected from the above thread and website)
4) first year work
I answered like this. I will be studying for the service line qualification like ACA for knowing the fundamentals and basics. Apart from studying, I will be involved in understanding the client’s IT systems,analyse IT risks and recommend improvements. I also added , If I have been involved in IT Governance project, I could take part in a controls-mapping exercise and assist in the re-design of controls.

She asked me for do I have any questions. I asked for career growth, certifications for improving oneself in a particular service line.

The interviewer spoke very nicely but she was very polite and i can hardly hear her voice clearly. She asked to inform her if I cant hear her or if the line is bad. I informed her that I can hear your voice very hardly. Then she improved by doing something. She started typing my answers when I start answering her. At times, She also gave me a pause while typing by telling “Lemme complete it” like that.She encouraged me for each question by saying well done and thank you so much for your answer like that.

Finally, she told will get back to you in 3 days with the feedback of this interview initially . But later she told after few days. Don’t know what would be the difference or i’m just making myself stressed. Then she told if you got thro’ this then you will be doing online tests.

That’s it.
I’m yet to receive correspondence from them. It’s been nearly 4 hours after interview.
Hope the interview feedback is positive.

anybody else had any feedback update recently with them either positive or negative?


Hiya Jhansi, I had my interview today and my questions were
Why Deloitte
What do you think you’ll be doing in your first year
What research have you done into Deloitte
She introduced herself and said it’ll be a short call lasting 10-15mins…
It actually ended up only being 5 mins.
Got an e-mail about 30mins later saying I’ve passed.


Hi super_baros,
I got the invitation for online numerical test 30 mins back . would like to know are you done with the test?


I did my tests before the phone interview…First interview is my next round now