Deloitte Telephone Interview?


Thanks for the responses on this thread. Wikijob is my oracle right now

I was asked the same questions, in the same order, as Jimmy 6161! It’s really worth matching questions up with Deloitte’s key competencies. This really helped me focus my answers and pass this stage. In saying that, I possibly had too much information on ‘why deloitte?’ so wasn’t wholly satisfied with the reasons I chose to mention in the 3 minutes she provided me to answer that question.

Did anyone experience the interviewer repeating any of the same questions at the first interview? Or, asking for you to elaborate on your answers given in the phone interview?


I had the telephone interview today, for Consulting - same as questions everyone’s already mentioned, although there was just one where i was confused - which professional qualifications would you be studying for? I just admitted i wasn’t sure. according to the interviewer, it would be the CIMA, i think … but again the accent was foreign & not too sure ?!

One or two questions was asked to elaborate, e.g. ‘what do you know about deloitte?’ followed by ‘who are our clients - what else do you know?’ etc.

Thank you to all kind contributions above, & best of luck to everyone!


thank you for sharing, the questions exactly came out when I did my phone interview


Has anyone has any pre-screen telephone interviews for the Scholars Scheme or are these all for graduate positions??


Big thanks to everybody who posted their interview up here, helped me get through and pass to online Maths test.

My interview for AUDIT GRADUATE POSITION and what came up:

Interviewer informs you she/he will write down the questions as you speak and the interview lasts no longer than 15min (true, my one lasted 15min exactly).


  1. Tell me about a time you had to deliver a difficult message.
    Tip: This isn’t a difficult question, just think of a time when there was a barrier such as excluding friends from project teams, language barrier or telling somebody they had failed at something. I used a similar example to above.

  2. Why was it difficult?
    Tip: Make sure you can justify and if you can explain why it was difficult without them having to ask you, its probably even better :slight_smile: (that’s what I did).

  3. Why do you want to work with Deloitte?
    Tip: Could be anything (EXCLUDING PAY!!!). Things like Culture, diversity, network of clients. Make sure you know atleast 5 major clients they deal with (including Summer/Winter 2012/10 Olympics/Para-olympics. Also mention professional qualifications and development.

  4. What services does Deloitte offer?
    Tips: Audit, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance. They also have Enterprise Risk Services. Know about each one and what they do (in brief). Its worth reading through to have an idea of what you’re getting into if you’re not sure at this point.

  5. What do you think you will be doing in your first year?
    Tip: Look at your job role, it tells you on the website! Note any professional qualifications you can study for too. Also mention what you’re expecting to do in the future beyond this if you can squeeze it in (looks good!).

  6. What will excite you about doing this job?
    Tip: Know why you want to do this. I’m quite passionate around the topic so was naturally happy to answer that. I’m sure you’ll have no problem answering this one.

Interview: “End of interview. Many thanks, we will get in touch with your results in the next 3 days.”

Got my (happy) news the next day. If I pass maths I’ll let you know, if you don’t hear back from me, assume the worst… (eek!)

General tips:

  • Make a summary of all the questions you think will come up in MS Word and bullet point each one. You’ll be able to study this quickly and be comfortable during the interview.
  • Have a glass of water ready, helps if you dry out!
  • If you have any difficulties in speech or anything else, let them know.
  • Keep a full battery and use a quiet area/room
  • Speak clearly and concisely (and confidently - DO NOT MUMBLE!).
  • Sell yourself.

Hope this helps everyone. Best of luck in your applications.


Hi, I have applied for professional services summer vacation program- Liverpool office. I am still waiting for my assessment day.

I had my pre-screening interview in January, followed by the online testing.

I am still waiting for the last one month for my assessment day and I have emailed the graduate recruitment office a number of times. They always have the same reply:

Due to currently client commitments we have not had the opportunity to bring candidates forward however we will be working through candidates in chronological order and places will be offered on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

any idea? maybe they don’t any places now or they selected the suitable candidates.
is there anyone who is facing the same situation?


Had my telephone interview yesterday and recieved an email invite to numerical reasoning test this morning.
All the questions asked in the interview have been mentioned above, except I was also asked: “Give me some facts about Deloitte”.
I just gave simple facts such as 2nd largest accountancy firm in the world, offices all around the world, etc.
Good luck everyone!


FYI - i completed my telephone interview successfully and passed the online tests successfully mid jan 2010, and they still do not have interview slots for the Audit position - I hope they have not filled up their positions otherwise we are all wasting our time!


Did u apply for london audit?


yeah i applied for london audit. are you in the same position? x


why r they taking so much time? any idea?


plenty of ideas why! all i can say is, if anyone is lucky enough to choose between offers, Deloitte are not doing themselves any favours here…

fired off the standard ‘thanks for informing me of passing tests… look forward to receiving further information…’ email to them. This normally works but not for deloitte it would appear!

when anyone gets an interview date for audit, let us know!


Hey all,

I got through the telephone interview although it was for consulting, but it seems like a standard set of questions. Anyway mine were “Tell me about a time you had to deliver a difficult message”, “What is your understating of professional services” and “Why do you want to work for Deloitte”


Hi all,

For any people applying late I thought I would just confirm that a month on and the phone screen questions are still the same, I specifically got asked:

  • A time when delivering a difficult message
  • What feedback did you get from the recipient
  • why Deloitte
  • what do you understand about professional services
  • What specifically do you think you will be doing in your first year in your chosen line
  • anything else about Deloitte that interests you that you have learnt in your research

My interview lasted around 9 minutes and within 10 minutes I have an email with feedback.

The lady who interviewed me was very friendly and patient, and her accent was not strong enough to be off-putting…

I am very grateful for the whole thread above me which helped significantly!


Just had my interview!! Was so nervous but the interviewer was nice. My interview didn’t last up to ten minutes though. The questions were
Give an example when you had to deliver a difficult message
Why Deloitte?
What is your understanding of Professional Services?
What do you think you will be doing during your first year?
Thanks to everyone for posting their questions. Will keep you posted!


Through to the next stage!


Thanks to comments on this site, I managed to pass my telephone interview 2 days ago. Here are the questions I was asked: (still the same as a year ago)
1, tell me a situation when you had to deliver a difficult message;
2, why deloitte;
3,what’s your understanding of profession services;
4, what do you think you will be doing in your first year (with regards to your first choice);
5, what are the qualifications do you think you’ll be pursuing.

The interviewer is nice and speaks clearly and slowly. I’m sure everyone can pass it if you prepare well!

Good luck!


What happened to those people who were put “On Hold!” coz they required a work permit?

Any news for those people?


Just had my telephone interview for audit this afternoon.

Nothing has changed from the posts above, I had the same questions, quick run down below:

Lady was nice, had a very slight tinge of an Asian accent but nothing that made her difficult to understand, however the line was pretty crackly (I only managed to make out the questions because I knew what she’d be asking from looking at wikijob) so bear that in mind if taking the interview on a mobile.

Introduced herself, asked if she could call me by my preferred name and then asked if it was a convenient time for the interview. Said the interview was to check my communication skills and career motivation. Questions:

  1. Tell me about a time when you had to deliver a difficult message?
    I spoke about taking part in a football tournament and having to drop a player.

a) She asked about how I had prepared to deliver the message

  1. Why Deloitte?
    i) Big 4
    ii) Graduate training program
    iii) Client portfolio,
    iv) Secondment opportunities

  2. Understanding of professional services?
    My answer was about how they provide a set of services to clients which are firms, corporations and governments on developing and improving their business and operations and went VERY slightly in to a bit about what each line does in audit, advisory, tax and corporate finance.

  3. What do you expect to do in the first year?
    Checking documents
    Assessing business processes
    Applying my classroom learning bit by bit

That was it. She said it’d take 15 minutes, it took 8. She thanked me for all my answers and said I would find out in 3 working days if I’m through to online assessments.

So, nothing too taxing at all. Good luck!


Literally just had telephone interview…I won’t bother going into details on answers given, as there’s already loads here and also it’s best to do a bit of your own research. The 4 questions asked were:

  • Explain a time when you had to deliver a difficult message to someone

  • Why Deloitte? (i think she asked both as a general sense, but also with reference to your specific role)

  • What do you understand by the term ‘professional services’?

  • What do you think you’ll be doing in your first year?

I’ll wait to hear back now! Fingers crossed