Deloitte Telephone Interview?



lol hello


I was asked :

deliver a difficult message
why deloitte?
what is your understanding of what you will be doing in your first year?
what is your understanding of professional services?
what do you think you will enjoy the most about this role?


hey guys does anyone know the starting salary for deloitte audit london 2010?


just ran across a resource that shows the starting audit salary when I was looking online with my friend for Deloitte jobs – hope that helps @stevie!



I have my telephone interview v.soon, do you think the questions will be the same as the ones posted on this forum? Or maybe new year, new questions! I hope not!


I will have one telephone interview soon. Does anyone know the questions are the same as the ones posted of last year? Could klt share your interview questions? Thanks…


I had one last week and it was very easy. I wouldn’t worry about it, just make sure you know why you want to work for Deloitte and the position you applied for. Thats all I was asked.

I passed the interview but failed the tests. The tests are harder than PWC.

Hope it goes well



The questions were the same as the ones earlier in this thread, although she didn’t ask all of the ones listed. I got asked:

Tell us about a time you had to deliver a difficult message?

  • I used STAR approach - I added why I thought it was a difficult message because I reckon they would ask that afterwards anyway.

Why Deloitte?

What is your understanding of professional services?

What services do Deloitte offer and can you briefly explain a bit about each one?

What do you think you will be doing in your first year?

The interview lasted just under 13 minutes. I got an email the next day inviting me to the online tests, passed the numerical and just about to do the verbal!

Hope that helps,



Positive… The qualifications from the university are mainly academic, not professional. They mean ACA, ACCA qualifications.


CIPFA is public sect, dunno if acca is


I had my telephone interview with Deloitte about a month ago and guess it’s time for me to make some contributions.

I was applying for a summer internship in Professional Service Rotation but I reckon most of the questions should be exactly the same as what you guys will get.

1.Tell me the last time you did a presentation. (it seems for internship positions, this is the only question that you’ll be asked)
2.What do you think you will be doing during this programme?
3.What services does Deloitte offer?
4.Why Deloitte?
5.Why this particular programme?

For the 3rd question, I basically listed all service lines Deloitte offers and briefly told her what each one was about. Because I prepared for all the questions and wrote down some notes, I actually found it quite easy to deal with.
After I was done with my last question, my interview told me that the answers I gave her were quite good. And I received an email from her saying I was passed right after I hung up my phone.


The questions asked were as mentioned earlier, apart from the one which asks about your understanding of professional services.

On the qualifications question, she asked me what qualification will I get.
I said ACA and ACCA and wanted to expand which line offered which qualification (as I know that with public sector auditing you do ACA, whereas with ordinary auditing you prepare for ACA/ACCA and I knew all the details including the modules, duration of the courses, etc) but she interrupted and said they are different qualifications and that I should be careful not to repeat the same mistake during face to face interviews.
I did not continue as I felt she did not want me to do so, she just asked if I had any questions. I did ask one, she thanked me and that was all.

The interview lasted 12 minutes.

I got to the next stage after an hour, so they’re quite prompt in getting back to you.


Hi everybody

i had an tel interview with deloitte in november, i looked at the questions above and the one question i was asked that is not mentioned is:

  1. Can you mention some of the Deloitte’s clients?

to be honest, i did not expect this questions but gave some of the companies that they render consulting service and audit, but i think she was not satisfied as may be she was expecting me to give the whole list of the clients

apart from that, everything is same: give me an example of when you had to communicate a difficult message to group of people? why did you apply to Deloitte? What do you think you will be doing in your first year of graduate programme?

All the best to everybody who is having tel interview and assessments with Deloitte


I had my telephone interview yesterday, the questions were still the same.
Thank wikijob and everyone who has posted the questions!
ps: the interviewer is really difficult to understand as she speaks fast and bit like murmuring…


I know, I had to ask her to repeat once. She sounded a bit pissed off when I did so I didn’t ask her again. :smiley:

We’ll be here with help for your first round if you get through. Good luck


I had my telephone interview yesterday, the questions were as follows:

  1. Give an example of a time when you had to deliver a difficult message to someone
  2. why Deloitte?
  3. What do you understand by the term ‘professional services’?
  4. what will you be doing in your first year in yor chosen service (audit)

I was nervous before the interview, but I needn’t have been. The lady was nice (although a little hard to understand because she was foreign). It lasted 8 minutes, and I was told the next day via e-mail that I had passed and have now been invited to do the online numerical test.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, I found it very useful and had answers prepared for all of my questions. Look at the Deloitte website to help with your answers, and good luck to all.


I read somewhere on this forum that they ask a 5th question (althought this was back in 2008) what will you most enjoy if you get the job? this still true or have deloitte changed their questions? Are these questions standard for all service lines, anyone had a consulting telephone interview? I’m really nervous as mine is coming up very soon!


hey guys,

I have an interview coming up, and I was just wondering what you guys answers for “why deloitte?” Thanks!


“I have heard from recent graduates who now work for Deloitte that the people are all very friendly which makes working much easier and more enjoyable. I think it’s particularly important in audit that my colleagues are easy to get on with since much of the work is based on teamwork.”