Deloitte Telephone Interview?


professional qualification… ACA?? hasancoool… reading the earlier posts i have a feeling they want to kno more abt wat u have studied… or r currently studying… r u sure we r to talk abt ACA?? coz not all the potential analysts at deloitte will have to appear fr it


hey Jancelyn

I have been invited for a telephone interview with them… considering there were very few places on 23rd oct… it surprises me as to why they would still call us…?? wats been the progress with your application? if you don’t mind sharing it with me… :slight_smile:



Hey Arzoo,

They will update their further avilable time slot for interview. if u r worried about that, u could email the contactor who sent u tel invitation email to confirm or ask more infomation.

Hopefully, my answer is useful.


thanx guys all the answers were of great help!!!


hey guys…

was asked just three questions… nd it din’t take more than 9-9.5 minutes for the whole interview…

i was asked :

why deloitte

why what i would do in the first year there

on difficult message that i had to give…

the duration of the call and being asked just three questions is worrying me a bit…
wat do u guys think…?


yeh I wouldn’t worry, mine was probably that short and I got an email less than an hour afterwards saying I had passed


Hi guys,

Had mine this morning.

Got asked the following:

When have you had to deliver a difficult message?

Why Deloitte? For my answer to this I mentioned client portfolio, the interviewer then asked me to name example, so be aware of that!

Why Audit?

What will you be doing in your first year?

I haven’t yet had an email but just logged onto the Deloitte system and it says I have to complete the numerical test next. So it might be worth logging on as they may not have sent an email yet.



Hey guys,

I had my telephone interview on Monday for Audit London…didn’t hear back from them tilll today so I called them and they said they will get back shortly…

AND TO MY SURPRISE…i got a rejection email…i can’t believe it and was such a simple 15 min interview … i am thinking of writing to the head of graduate recruitment


how did the interview go, did u answer everything they asked properly?, if you did then ask them for a reason


bennyboy when was your tel interview?


Had my interview on thursday afternoon. I was asked: Tell me a time when you had to deliver a difficult message, Why Deloitte? What will you be doing in your first year and Why have you applied for audit/what would you enjoy?

It only lasted about 7 mins and this threw me off a bit, especially when she essentially cut in on my last answer since I took a pause to consider what to say about what I would enjoy.

Anyway I received an email 2 hours afterwards to say that I was through to numerical tests!


I had my tel interview on Thursday morning but still not heard anything…that a good thing or a bad thing?


No it’s nothing major, normally it takes a couple of working days, and since Saturday and Sunday are not working days, expect a reply by Monday or Tuesday.


I got my reply the next day but I did my tel interview on a Monday, was agges ago, now i’m waiting ting to see if i made it to the interview


yea everything was perfect…i just can’t beleive this


i really help with verbal reasoning,ive tried to do the SHL practise questions but everytime i do it i get a shitter result than previously…any tips?


Practice makes perfect, what I do when i do them, is read the question first to save time, then look at the passage for the answer, if I can find it or I find something in there that contradicts the question, then its ‘true or false’, if I can’t find it then its ‘can not say’. Make sure you read it carefully as little words like ‘most’ or ‘all’ can completely change the answer, and try and work through it as fast as possible, I normally get over 85% so aim for atleast this, because I am dumb lol and alot of people probably will get higher than me, you should be able to finish the SHL verbal reasoning tests with 1 or 2 mins to spare, I finished the real test with 2 mins to spare, good luck and keep practicing, thats all u need to do ( by the way the real test is 19 mins for 30 questions, so try and do 30 questions in about 17-18 mins and you should be good). Good luck and hope the advice helps.


Thanks bro that helps alot…because the test is on shl is it still wise to practice the psl as there is only one test to practice on shl?


I never tired the psl verbal test, but i guess its good to get as much practice as possible, the psl numerical test was too easy so I could be bothered to try their verbal lol, i have no idea what it looks like, but try as many as possible and u should do ok, salaam, take care bro.