Deloitte Telephone Interview?


i received an email today to say i successfully passed the numerical test and now i need to complete the verbal test in three working days. hopefully i pass that - is it quite difficult Jancelyn? how is it structured - 30 questions in 15 mins?


If you use the gay example hope that the interviewer isn’t homophobic!! I said when I had to tell some people in a uni society that they had not made the team for a race.



i think it is ok…should be harder than PwC ones, remember it was 30 Q in 18 mins (not exactly sure, but nearly sure, sorry)

I just failed PwC’s yesterday, I so wonder whether I failed in DTT as well


i failed PWC aswell - wasnt prepared for the logical reasoning! but have you since found out about your verbal test with deloitte?


yes, I have passed…

but the position I applied have nearly filled in, so not sure…


really? was it audit?


not audit
consulting…position in this area are always filled in so quickly, and most interns will sign contract after they finish summer intern…


Hi everybody, I’ve got a Phone interview with Deloitte on Tuesday (3rd November). Has anyone got any tips for me, should I answer the questions quickly and get straight to the point or should I expand on them (like explain what I say thoroughly)?




goto the point directly, but follow up some explain

not too much, ensure you could finish each question in 3 mins


Thanks for the tip, much appriciated, my interview is at 1.15, I am going to do some practicing.


hi guys. i have a telefonic interview too…can someone tell me what does the question “what are professional services” mean…does it mean services like audit , consulting , erp etc?..thank you


hey guys what hve u answered for tell me a time when u delivered a difficult message?..i couldnt think of an answer…thnx


Can somebody explain me, “Tell me a time when you had to deliver a difficult message.” What does this mean ? What are the possible answers? Any help or example would be appreciated.


A difficult message could be any message that instigates personal difficulties upon delivery. It may be telling someone you get on great with socially they aren’t doing enough work in your group task? Or perhaps that you have to deliver a presentation based on a subject that your audience hasn’t studied or isn’t fully knowledged on the technical terms. Additionally, it could be explaining a complex issue to somebody whereby English isn’t their first language. Basically, choose any communication competency example and incorporate a potential barrier that may effect the output Hope this helps!


Hi guys,

I have been reading all the replies and they are really helpful.

I have a phone interview today for the summer vacation scheme, would you guess the questions will be the same as those above?

Also I have tried thinking about answers but I can’t seem to talk for more than about a minute and a half for each question. Is this to short?



also what does it mean by ‘what do you understand by professional services’?


Basically, its what do you think a Professional Service firm is? What their main objectives are and so forth, i.e. independently contracted to turn their knowledge and expertise gained into value for the client.


hey guys…

have a telephone interview coming up… for the strategy consulting division… any pointers i shud keep in mind?


say ACA .Please give a thorough answer. Go to ICAEW website and research how many parts and paper it consists of.

Tell that it requires 3 years with an accredited firm like Deloitte.

It has two parts and 15 papers.

Professional services are the services proviedd to the clients to create value ,increase their profitabitly and financial conditions.

Hope that helps.

Prepare thoroughly . Its easy

Good luck