Deloitte Telephone Interview?


I had my interview on Wednesday 22nd Dec in the morning. The lady asked me two questions; 1. Why Deloitte and 2. Why Strategy Consulting?

The call lasted 13minutes. She told me they would get back to me by 3 working days. Most people on here seem to find out whether they’re through within a few hours, however I only just got an email now confirming I passed ( Thursday 23rd Dec in the late evening).

So I guess, don’t worry too much if you’re kept waiting; although I’m not gonna lie, I thought I was finished (even though I was confident my interview went really well!)


They didn’t get back to me after my telephone interview for 4 days, then another 6 days wait after first interview, and 3 for the phonecall saying I’d passed the assessment centre and had a job, so don’t panic that they aren’t replying quickly!


yeah my telephone interview was on the 22nd of October, they got back to me the same day but I didn’t get my interview booked until November 6th, two months later and I finally have my first round interview this Monday!


Just had my telephone interview for audit. It lasted 10 minutes and i actually got asked the two that everyone is asked (Why Deloitte, What will you do in your first year?) as well as two other questions. So, be aware that they do mix it up a bit with the questions. But, i think they are mainly testing how you say your answer as opposed to what you actually say. Viel glück!


what two other questions did they ask you? Thanks


hey guys, i have my telephone interview for audit tomorrow…can anyoneplease tell me the questions u were asked,and whether any competency based or commercial awareness questions were asked or not???


can u pls tell what were the other two questions??


Message me and I will let you know the other questions. I have a document with them but i can’t paste it into this box. (My computer is crap)


Okay, my computer is working again. I had forgotten the questions you see as my interview was a good two months ago now. I had four questions in mine:
Why Deloitte?
Why audit?
What are you will you be doing in first year? (I mentioned ACA and he then asked me what i knew about it)
Why apply to this specific office?

It isn’t anything to worry about at all. Just testing whether you have the right motivations and have done some research into the company.

The person i had spoke very quietly on the phone and had a bit of an accent. So, I had to really concentrate to understand what he was saying. Just be aware of that.

They told me i had passed the same day (i think, it might have been the day after). Got my first interview soon as they have taken ages to get a date sorted.

Good luck to all!


To be honest, no need to worry about it too much

same two questions:
why Deloitte?
what you will be doing within your chosen service line?

Talk as much as you can, especially details, cuz the more you talk, the less chance the interviewer digs in…

And i can pass! Good luck everyone


Hi guys,

How can I check which department I have applied to. I don’t think I mentioned a specific department because it doesn’t say so on my application?


Deloitte’s pre-screen telephone interview is the easiest of all stages. If you struggle with this one, you’d definitely struggle with first round and partner interviews.

Basically, it’s what everyone mentioned already, they ask why Deloitte, why Audit, what you’ll do in Audit, and few other variants. You can literally read it off from a sheet of paper or computer screen and pass it with breeze. I had both paper and screen open in front and read from them simply. Just make sure you sound natural, so practice helps.


Thanks everyone for your input I have my one at 2.45pm later today!


hi guys, I have my interview coming up next week. I am a bit confused about the questions on type of qualification I will be doing. I have applied for the IT Risk- Controls Assurance scheme and I am planning to do CISA instead of ACA. I would appreciate if someone can tell me when is the CISA exam taken? Is it in the first year itself or after that as CISA’s website one has to write the exam first but can apply for certification after ~5 yrs of work experience.


Hey guys I recently had my phone interview. I’ve decided to share my wisdom with you guys as a token of my appreciation for all your help and for the following candidates who still have phone interviews to come.

Firstly, I felt I overrated it too much. It really isn’t that bad at all. I had Ana as well and she really puts you at ease from the beginning. The interview lasted 9 minutes and she spent about 2 minutes explaining how the interview would proceed.

She then asked me the same questions as everyone else on this forum (why deloitte and what do you think you will be doing in your first year). For all of you who are worried she may ask something else, she did tell me at the beginning of the interview that it would specifically consist of 2 questions. So probably won’t ask you anything else. But don’t quote me on that one. It’s good to be prepared nonetheless for other questions that could be asked.

why deloitte?: largest PSF, great opportunities, impressive client base, corporate responsibility, all that stuff.

What you think you will be doing in your first year: Obviously specific to the division you applied for, but I pretty much repeated what I wrote in my application right at the beginning.

Hope this helps,

Good luck.


Hey guys, had my telephone interview for EA Consulting recently. The lady was very friendly and the questions were straight forward.

  1. Why Deloitte?
  2. What will your day to day activities as a consultant be?

So pretty much what everyone else has said, just prepare answers to the questions that have come up in this thread and be enthusiastic. Mine lasted for just over 10 minutes.

Good luck!


I have mine today at 13:00… Should be a blast.


Hey…had my telephone interview…was so simple…just why deloitte (career motivation)and what do you think ur day-to-day activities would be…lasted about 7 minutes…the interviewer was nice…wont interrupt cos shes typing out the answers…

anyone got through first interview stage (competency) for Transaction Services?


Could anyone please tell me when do you need to give your academic qualification documents to Deloitte?


I had my telephone with deloitte and the questions are

1)why deloitte
2)what do you think your day-to-day work will be in your chosen service line?
3)talk about the main competitor of deloitte(Big four)