Deloitte Telephone Interview?


law is interesting i agree

as regards the prep i havent started really yet to prepare specifically for deloitte interivew, i had coumple interviews before and i worked on my competencies that time, but annoying thing is they want you to have 2 examples for each competency, this is what i have to do.

apart from that i will really push up close to the interview. if yo have any good tips regarding interview i would appreciate if you shared them. )))

what about you? have you started already to prepare?


not really, I did a fair bit of work on my competencies before the phone round just in case but i struggle to find enough examples!

apart from that, i thought I would read up on commercial awareness, especially how the recession affected deloitte & audit, audit topics at the mo - i find this hard as i know nothing about accounting & am applying for a specific role. Should start this all this sunday, really.

Will you prepare examples on good/bad companies? I am not sure if this is the question only for the AC round or whether it can come up…


good stuff mate, as far as the grad scheme is concerned they dont expect you to have a bucket of knowledge about the area that you are applying, they have their own designed training scheme that will prepare you excellently. Just show a bit of commercial awareness as you say, know basics about audit, and very correct that you are researching the crisis and its affect on professional services firms, in particular deloitte, and then know what tasks you will be doing on the scheme in audit. It is a tough decision as you have applied to a very specific area within audit which means you have to go deeper to risk assurance rather than talking generally about audit. but im sure you can research the deloitte website and get the answers to your questions

but tobe honest i dont get your question about good/bad companies? what is it all about? do they ask any question on that? what exactly do they ask?


apparently it is a standard question to bring an example for a company that operates badly and one that operates why - why is it so in your opinion etc


didnt know that, thanks very much for letting me know. and also does it have to be a real life example? so it means we need to a further research on other companies…


yeah, think so!


Had phone interview on Friday. Questions were the same:

  1. why Deloitte?
  2. what you will be doing in your first year?
    Also she asked me to elaborate what level of client interaction I expect. I struggled little bit with that, but apparently she just want to know whether I realize that I will spend most of the time at clients’ offices.
    Also, it may be worth remembering her name (I think it’s Anna) and use it towards the end of conversation. Such things flatter people and show that you good at noticing details.




tautvydas, how long have you waited for your results?
i had it last week. it has been 2 working days since then, still no reply, i am worried


I got my reply within 5-10minutes after the interview on 19th of November. But since then I have not heard back from them about the date of my second interview. They just wrote a small message saying they are quite busy with 2010 intakes at the moment; so, maybe that’s the reason they are lagging with your reply…dunno…


Passed my telephone interview today for audit in London. It lasted 4 minutes and I was asked two questions.

Why Deloitte? : Reputation, Deloitte people, Olympic involvement opportunities, rapid responsibility curve, excellent structure for ACA training, the constant development of Deloitte (became largest PSF) and global committment e.g. pro bono work in Chile following the earthquake.

What do you expect to do on a day to day basis in your first year? : Ticking (checking numbers in documents match their counterparts), meeting clients, gaining experience, working on ACA examinations in spare time.

Hope it helps dont worry too much about it, just speak clearly and slowly. They want you to pass.



May I ask what does PSF stand for?



Professional services firm e.g. law, accountancy, consultancy etc


I thought PwC was larger than Deloitte.Anyway, I reckon it depends on the way you measure things…


Yeah it does depend how you measure it whether its revenue, employees, clients etc. Deloitte make quite a big deal about being the largest (in terms of employees) so it wont hurt to mention it.


Thanks so much for the previous replies - helped me so much on the phone interview!

I got a reply from Deloitte today asking me to contact them to arrange a time for my first face-to face interview:) yayyy
So guys, don’t worry if you don’t hear anything yet, coz i have waited for 3 weeks since the phone interview. Good news are coming on their way:)

Finally, would like to ask - if anyone know much about Corporate Tax - M&A division by any chance?

Cheers, and good luck everyone!


hi guys, update to my previous post; i passed my telephone interview on 11 nov, and they said actuarial service line was full and we had to choose other service lines, and i have been waiting for almost 3 and a half weeks, i have emailed them a number of times, each them they emailed back asking me to’be patient, do wait to be contacted, blah blah blah… ‘’
last week they said we will contact you next week, and it is approaching the end of this week, still no news from them, don’t know why it is taking them so long to book in an interview.


Had my phone interview last week, for Audit, two questions:

Why Deloitte?

Largest PSF, global reach, CSR with some examples, impressive client list (give some examples), ethical behaviour, commitment to education, culture, environmental sustainability, potential for career development (give very brief outline), track record in bringing people through professional qualifications.

What will you be doing in your first year?

Studying hard for qualification (make sure you emphasise it is a significant time commitment), lots of time at client’s offices learning how audit works, making new friends and contacts via college, at office, at clients, ‘buddy’ scheme.

She stopped me at two points and asked who were Deloitte’s main competitors (Big 4) and also asked me to describe briefly what auditing actually involves. For the second question a few sentences explaining you will look at client’s financial records, ensure they are true and fair representation of reality etc will suffice. At no point is any great detail required. The entire thing took about 13 minutes. Interviewer is extremely friendly and will put you at ease.


I found out that I passed my phone interview 5 and a half weeks ago.

I am still yet to hear from them. I have emailed once and have been told to be patient.


we are in the same situation, yes they keep saying be patient, lol
your service line isn’t full yet is it?, that’s a bit strange they haven’t booked your interview
you have only emailed them once i guess you could send them another email just to make sure that they haven’t forgotten about you.