Deloitte Telephone Interview?


@supert28 & makosbejgli:
I applied for actuarial department, i received my invite last week but no date confirmed
when i emailed them yesterday, they emailed back to me saying that

‘‘We are quite close to filling our positions.
We have assessment centres running this week and will be making offers on Monday, depending on our how many spaces are filled from the assessment centres, we will book in further first interviews.’’

So the places are filling up, they will only book me in if someone decides not to accept their offer, but in that case, the competition for a place will be extremely high, as there are so many people on the waiting list


that’s no good man, i have my fingers crossed for you!!

i naively assumed that they will interview well into spring as that seems to be usual practice based on past threads…

now im a bit worried as the team i applied to may not be huge and thus I am unsure how many of us are competing for the places!


Additional phone interview question :
What do you know about the professional qualification that you will have to pursue at Deloitte in your service line?


Hi Guys,

Has anybody had their first interview? How long did it take after passing your telephone interview before you got a date?

I passed my telephone interview 3 weeks ago, however I am still yet to hear from Deloitte?




I suggest that u just write to the person who you got the email from and ask them about the progress. Its been a long time if you have waited for 3 weeks. I had my tel interview on 5 Nov Thursday and wrote them yesterday (after almost 2 weeks) and i got a call in 2 hrs and got my interview scheduled. Hope that helps.

Also, can people who already had their face to face interview advise us on what questions you were asked? I read on the website that you will first take numerical and verbal tests and only if you pass them you go to the interview. If you fail them they will let you go without even interviewing. Is this true? Also, someone mentioned about small case study that you do on the first interview day (you need to arrive 15 min earlier) and your interviewer will focus on that case and give questions? Very confusing… what is the procedure there? could people who had their interviews help on this please? Thanks


Just had mine, questions were the same:

  1. why deloitte
    2)what do u think your role involves

the interviewer was lovely,not britain deifinitely but was easy to understand.


Hi Mate,

I emailed the lady today who I had my phone interview with, but I have had no response.

When has your interview been scheduled for?

As far as I know, the face to face interview is just going to be based on their key competencies, so prepare responses for questions related to them.

What service line have you applied for?



Hey Craig,

I applied to Audit scheme and my interview is on 3rd december (the earliest available day they had:) they seem to be very busy.

I actually did not write to the lady who interviewed me. I got a letter from another lady after I passed the tel interview who said they will contact me. Then i replied to her asking about the status and she called me afterwards.

Thanks for your advices mate. I am sure you will hear from them soon. I think it also depends on the service line that you have applied to: for audit i suggest they take moer people that’s why they process them quickly. For other service lines the places may be limited that’s why it may take longer. This is what I suggest.

All the best mate and try to contact a person who you got the letter from (normally it is the person from the office that you have applied to), not the one who you had the interview with.


I think with the numerical tests you don’t pass automatically, they screen our applications again, depending on the overall quality of our application and test marks they then filter out more candidates.
especially with the service lines which are more competitive, i guess they will will raise the pass mark and use it as an excuse to get rid of more people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t have applied to my service line if i had known their intake is so small.
really dunno what they will do to candidates who have passed the telephone interview when they have no places left :frowning:


hey guys, had my face-to-face interview yesterday, so maybe I can help answer a few questions that are floating around

Firstly, it took about 2 weeks for them to contact me to set up the 1st round interview, so if its been longer, definitely email/call asap.

For the retake of the tests. This according to their website does happen, although I haven’t actually read about it happening to anybody yet, and I didn’t have to retake tests. It might just be random testing once in a while. In all likelihood (obviously can’t say definitely) you will probably NOT have to retake the tests.

Case Study:- If you have applied for Consulting you will have a case study in the first round. You are given 15mins to read a few pages about a scenario and formulate some ideas on the subject matter.

For my interview which lasted for just over an hour, we spent approx 35 minutes discussing the case study- which is a bit excessive because he himself let slip that he lost track of time. Another girl that was being interviewed at the same time as me, mentioned later that her discussion on the case study was no more than 20mins.

The rest of the interview is as you all know competency based questions, but strangely enough, I only got asked:

  1. Why consulting, and why at Deloitte?
  2. 1 example of when I set a goal, which I may or may not have achieved.

That’s all! Nothing on commercial awareness, or any other competency. This might have happened because my answers were too long maybe, and that we were short on time.

Last 5 minutes of my interview were left for any questions I had for him.

Good luck dudes and dudettes!


well Ceegle, now we got a contradicting experience lol as supert28 didnt have any test. I think if you had chosen a service line that they are taking more people you could have later on moved to actuarial. but nothing is lost yet, be optimist, hopefully you will get through. keep us informed!

supert28 thanks for sharing your experience. very helpful. let us know about the outcome!


i also got an email from a second lady, like plat1numo777. That was this monday, I will give them another week and then contact her.

plat1numo, what service line did you apply to within Audit if I may ask :)?

Also, i think them retesting you is just a distant possibility, i never heard of it actually happening to anyone (unlike goldman sachs + civil service)


may i ask you how long it took after they scheduled your interview and your real interview? i hope they don’t call me and say that my interview will be in a few days, as i haven’t prepared for it yet!
i wish they would only ask me two questions! good luck with your AC!


Hi makosbejgli

yeah contact them after some time, otherwise they will take their time :slight_smile:

my application is for Audit graduate scheme, actually do you mean service line like financial services audit, insurance, industry etc.? i did not choose service line within audit, i thought you will do it when you receive an offer, or at least they will ask about your preference when you go to the interview. What about you? have you already chosen your service line? what service lines are there within audit that you mean? on application there was just two options - Audit (General), Audit (Public Sector).


hey ceegle, they gave me just under two weeks to prepare, which is definitely enough time, I think.

Also the time for looking over the case study at the start is included in the time for the interview. No need to arrive early specifically for the study.
Obviously arrive about 10-15 mins early in general. They say to avoid any earlier than that.


hey ceegle, they gave me just under two weeks to prepare, which is definitely enough time, I think.

Also the time for looking over the case study at the start is included in the time for the interview. No need to arrive early specifically for the study.
Obviously arrive about 10-15 mins early in general. They say to avoid any earlier than that.


hey platinumo

i applied for specifically Business Process and Risk Consulting within Audit, I think you can also specifically choose Risk & Regulation and some other niche areas. These schemes were advertised specifically alongside the general Audit & Public Audit ones - i guess because although they fall under the umbrella of Audit, they don’t have that much to do with accounting but cover regulatory compliance, fraud, risk, ethical & sustainable conduct :slight_smile: I believe that you are right, if you applied for Audit as such you will be able to say whether you want to work with TMT, financial industry etc!


hey guys
just got this email from grad rec:

Thank you for your patience so far. We are currently trying to clear the back log of candidates and are limited to interviewer availabilty.

We are actively going to booking in all candidates waiting form interview as soon as is possible,

This delay will not limit your chances of potentailly secring a graduate recruitment position for the 2011 intake.


Hey makosbejgli,

to be honest i didnt see that advert where they showed the opportunities within audit, or maybe they decided to close it by the time i applied:)

good division - risk, the job will be interesting and too technical lol

its good that yo heard from them, now be patient for another couple of days and if they still dont call you write them again, or call. important thing is it doesnt mean that you will be out of attention, you still have all chances to become a grad in this scheme even with all this waiting

good luck and keep in touch


hey plat1numo

i studied law, i like it technical :)!

how are you prepping for your interview apart from the competencies? are you doing any good/bad company stuff for instance?