Deloitte Telephone Interview?


I have also just passed the Telephone interview.

Has anybody had their first interview yet?


Got contacted yesterday that I had passed telephone interview.
Haven’t set a date for the competency interview yet, but got an email saying that I would be contacted within the week to set it up.

I will definitely post my experience, after I have the interview.


Does anybody know where the competency interview is based? Is it at the office of application?

Good work SuperT - What line have you applied for, and where?

Can anybody offer any advice on the competency interview stage?


hey guys

i have a phone interview coming up for audit in london in a few days’ time :open_mouth:
i was wondering if anyone could point me towards a list of deloitte’s recent clients? i saw people say on forums that wikipedia has a neat little list but that seems to have been removed and i cannot find a comprehensive list anywhere else including deloitte’s own website!

many thanks


@mrbez i have applied for consulting in london for 2011 intake.

not sure how old this is, but hopefully this link is helpful for you:


i’ve just found out I passed the telephone interview!
Just to warn you guys, don’t just prepare two questions, know the answers to all the questions mentioned in the list in addition to why deloitte and what u will be doing in ur first year, I was asked three questions in 10 minutes, which took me by surprise and the last question really got me.

But I think some people passed when they answered the question badly, whereas some failed even they gave perfect answers maybe due to the overall quality of your application, as they take all factors into account I guess.

So don’t worry if you didn’t answer the question so well.


@ supert28:

muchas gracias


What was the 3rd question? I have my interview tomorrow morning, will post my experience once it’s over & done with


she asked me ‘my understanding of deloitte/what I know about deloitte’

An hour before my interview i came onto wikijob and browsed through the earlier threads and read about this question somewhere on this forum, but only came up once or twice here, as i think very few people got asked this question recently. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been on wikijob the hour before. but that didn’t go very well for me anyway, but i m glad i got through.

so just be prepared, they may want to surprise you sometimes :slight_smile:


cheers ceegle

I just had my interview, it was the same eastern european lady that everyone mentioned on the thread (my guess is russian). she was overly kind, very very nice and easy to understand.

she only asked two questions:

  1. why deloitte
  2. what is your understanding of your chosen service line, what will you do on a daily basis (so a bit of a mash of two questions)

She said i just have to expand on what i had said on my app form!
it was easy I think and I also think it went well, especially because she made me feel very relaxed & welcome!

hope this helps you guys


just to confirm. i just had the interview today and the interviewer just asked the same two questions as mentioned in the previous posts.

I think that they will ask further questions if they feel that your answer to the first two questions is not sufficient. For example I mentioned a few of Deloitte’s clients when answering “why deloitte”. so if you didnt mention any of Deloittes clients in the first two questions, then they might ask u later on.

thanks to all the above posters. this really helped my preparation a lot.

now i just have to wait for my results…



When people say the “what will you to on a day-to-day basis” bit, does this mean in your first year or over the three years, or over your career at Deloitte in general!?



Don’t know for certain. But I would suggest mentioning briefly what I think I will be doing right at the beginning of the scheme, and then focus the rest of your answer on day to day tasks over your first three years.

This is what I did, and it seems to have worked out fine.
good luck!


i agree with supert28, i wasn’t asked specifically so said “at the beginning blah blah” and then “later on at the firm blah blah”," towards the end of my first three years blah" .

it worked out fine for me too because i got through to the next round :smiley:

don’t worry if they are not quick at getting back to you, they took 3 days before they told me the deal!


Thanks, also, anyone know how much you have to expand on your application answers??? I feel like the answers to the questions such as “why deloitte” were pretty detailed on my app, and dont know how much i can expand on that!



I did expand on my answers from my application, but to be honest, my application answers were quite poor.
if you already wrote decent reasons for why deloitte, stick to it. Maybe elaborate on them:-
for example, I mentioned something about their community investment programme in my application, and then explained why that would interest me (previous voluntary work) in my phone interview

Try to make your answers approx 3 minutes long. If your application answers do that, then you should be sorted. If not then either elaboration on your current answers or saying other things, not mentioned previously may be helpful,

Good luck dude!


Hi people! Does anyone know the questions asked for those applying for summer internship? Are they the same questions asked for graduate positions? Please reply! Thanks a lot!


I just had my interview over the phone, I had only 2 questions -

  1. Why Deloitte, I have been asked to expand in what I wrote in my application form.
  2. What do you think you will be doing on day to day basis?They wanted to see my understanding of Audit professional services.

The weird thing is that I had my tests before the telephone interview and I passed them in order to get through to the interview. Hopefully I passed, anyway I have a good feeling, asked the interviewer 2 questions as well - what are the opportunities for travel and what I can expect as a career progression after the grad scheme.

Hope this helps anybody else, as the previous posts helped me very much!


i passed the telephone interview two weeks ago, and they have put me on hold, I emailed them today and they said they had almost finished their AC for my program, and so I am on a waiting list for the face-to-face interview at the moment, my hope is diminishing, I really should’ve applied earlier


nah don’t worry ceegle,
they didn’t get back to me for almost two weeks to set up my face-to-face interview

they will contact you eventually, and i doubt that all the places have been filled.
you aren’t late in applying at all.

what service are you applying for, btw?


@ ceegle

What department is this?? If you don’t want to reveal your identity or something, feel free to send me a private msg :slight_smile:

Im wondering because I got put through to the first face - to - face interview last friday for a specific role in Audit and since then I received two emails saying “oh sorry we are arranging interview slots at the mo” and now im worried!