Deloitte Technology Integration or General Consulting - Answers to your Questions


Hey all,

I’ve recently been accepted at Deloitte for TI Consulting and would be happy to answer anybody’s questions and offer advice where required. I’ve actually been in a good job for the last 2 years within Project Finance and PFI Financing but fancied a career change and chose to chase my dream. I found the assessment stages relatively easy as a result as if you’re used to encountering certain situations everyday, it’s not hard to face them in a test! Though I appreciate the daunting aspects of assessment centres etc. and I too was extremely nervous at the final stage despite my experience.

So I’m going to leave it open here and hopefully offer as much advice as possible to whoever needs it…plain and simple!

Don’t worry if it’s not TI or Consulting specific advice you’re after, I’ve got loads of friends in different areas and levels at Deloitte and if I can’t answer something will be happy to find the answer for you.

I got quite alot of help on here and feel that the natural balance of the universe will not be maintained if I wasn’t to do the same for others!!



Im also TI London in august! well done on getting accepted.

Just a few questions you might know the answer to seeing as you have many contacts within the firm!

Do you know what iseb/cima modules TI people do?
Do TI people get involved in other projects like operations etc?
If i find that TI is not for me (i think i will enjoy it), is there possibility for change of comeptency area.

Many thanks in advance!


You are required by the program to do the minimum CIMA Certificate level qualification, it’s up to you if you want to continue with this and do the whole thing. I am going to take this option.

The ISEB module is up to you, I beleive - that’s what I’ve been told by many in the company. I have heard though that it doesn’t tax you too hard and is relatively easy (easier than CIMA).

Deloitte are currently pushing a ‘One Deloitte’ strategy approach whereby we present ourselves to clients as Deloitte, rather than Deloitte TI Consulting. The main aim of the program is to ensure all consulting grads get the same experience, tbh you will get more involvement with different projects with TI as all consulting ties into Strategy so do NOT think you are missing out on something. It is not a specialisation, by the end of the programe you will be on level terms with all the other consulting grads. I’ve been told many apply to Strategy or HR consulting because they understand the description to be something different from what it actually is. You will not end up being a computer programmer stuck in a back office somewhere, all Consulting grads will have the same basic ethos, foundations and experience - it’s the project specific things that will differ depending on your dept.

Also EA no longer exists, they found too much of an overlap between EA and TI so EA has been absorbed into something else and TI is what is left. As I think you may not have gathered - there is no fine defining line seperating consulting displines. More a venn diagram with loads of overlap!!!

I think you can easily change competency area - once you’re in, it’s unlikely for any firm to want to rid you after all the money they spent on recruiting plus training you.

That brings me to the main message of this - to be honest having Deloitte on your CV is far more important than landing the exact position you may have been after in the first place, there is time for that later…and if you prove yourself to be capable etc. who’s going to say no to letting someone expand into another area? After all it probably makes you a better employee!

I for one had just strategy in mind but due to applying late didn’t have this option - now I’m really satisfied with my service line and think it’s actually more for me than I had initially thought…especially if you can familiarise yourselves around technology solutions that give you a ‘uniqueness’ that you can take with you in life, and ultimately place you in high demand within and outside of the company, depending on your aspirations.

I am also in London - forgot to mention that!

Hope this helps bud.




I applied for strategy too! But yea i am very happy with my area, just wanted the definitions cleared up. thanks for doing that.

Ive heard it can be quite difficult to get cima sponsorship though when you’re in TI?

see you in august!


I think it probably depends, I would have completed my Certificate level by then and I told my partner interviewer that I was going to do it and his reply was ‘of course we’ll support that’…perhaps if they feel someone is not right for it then they’ll steer them away?

Again if you push for it, they’ll give it to you…it must be hard to gain approval as consulting is pretty full on in terms of working hours and they wouldn’t want you distracted??! That’s the only explanation I can give…that and budget.


Hi All - I have just heard that I have an AC coming up for the Grad Consulting TI positions - does anyone have any feedback on their recent ACs and help to prepare?


Hi all, i’ve got the manager inerview coming up tomorrow, can you please tell me about the case study you did and the competency questions asked.

quick reply will be very appreciated



Great post K-Man!

I’ll be joining the London office in the Human Capital dept - do you know if any of the changes (i.e EA disappearing) will affect any of the other competencies?

Also, do you know what the starting salary is for our intake? I was told around the £31,000 mark,



Around 33k


Hi Boretene

I had my interview a couple of weeks ago for TI Consulting. The case study was about 2 banks merging and the potential benefits / drawbacks - don’t remember exact specifics but it is pretty simple. You get 15 mins to read it and make notes and the manager will ask questions at the end of your interview.

In terms of competency questions - I didn’t get asked that many as we spent a fair amount of time discussing my CV. In terms of some of the questions - a time you did a presentation, working in a team, why Consulting.

Hope it helps


@ realtine. Thanks for the details, that should help

Will let you know how i get on



I understand that with consulting you study towards accounting exams. I have an interview and am trying to understand exactly why?

I come from a non business background so apologies if the answer is obvious.