Deloitte Tax Graduate - got a questionnaire as part of the assessment!


I passed the online tests, haven’t got an interview but a questionnaire on tax to do…the email they send me says “… complete a couple of questions which will enable us to find out what areas of Tax and which professional qualifications you would be most interested in…”
Is it like a personality test thing??
Has any one applying to Deloitte tax got that questionnaire??


hey, it’s not a personality test or anything, it’s just so that deloitte can put you into the area of tax that you would be most suited, for instance corporate tax, or the area that came up for me, transfer pricing. the questions just basically match you up to your most suitable area. have a look at the deloitte website and the areas within tax to get an idea of what each area is, and then answer the questionnaire. then, say transfer pricing comes up as your area, that’s the area of tax that your application will be made to and so reading up on it will definitely help for the interview.


I agree with Stu. Each service line is divided into industries and specialisms. From my experience, it pays to pick one which is interesting as you will be working on these kinds of clients for 3 years. The industry you work in may also affect your work-life balance. Working in public services or charities will be easy, working in financial services, such as banking or insurance will be harder!


thanks ppl you are absolutely right about it ! It wasn’t a personality test, simply to state my area of interests in tax and that’s it! nothing to be panic about, Thanks again! :slight_smile:


hey, thanks for samantha, stu and chris~!!! it’s really helpful.
and could you please let me know, it’s based on multiple choice or shortly answer questions? thanks again~!!! :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Has anyone had a first inteview for Deloitte Tax division recently? Is the process any different from that for Audit? And also, for the commercial awareness part do they ask you to discuss tax issues?

I would really appreciate some input 'cause the discussion here on wiki is mostly focused on audit…any other wikijob-ers applying to tax?


Hi VaneelaLFAJ

I applied to coporate tax and the process was exactly the same as the audit one based on what people have written on this forum. The interview was mainly competency based questions where you have to give two examples of each competency. Then he asked me why tax, why deloitte and why EIU which is the industry sector i’d been assigned. There were no commercial awareness questions but if there are for you they wont be tax specific. Maybe read some articles on accountancy age just in case but that would be more if he just asked you about a current business issue or story thats interested you and you could pick a tax related one if you wanted.

I’ve just had my partner interview and she asked me to talk about a business story that interested me recently, nothing directly about tax. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask me anything else about the process.


Hi rz2889,

Thanks for replying…so they didn’t ask you about issues affecting deloitte and how deloitte could react to these issues?

Also, are there any questions on leadership or teamwork, since they are not clearly specified as competency areas?

Which office did you apply to? Did you receive an offer?



No they didn’t ask me about issues affecting Deloitte but they easily could so prepare an answer for that.

He didn’t ask me about teamwork or leadership either but i’ve definately had those questions in other interviews. The main competencies he tested me on were presentation skills, achieving goals, decision making and planning/organisation.

I applied to the London office and had my assessment centre yesterday but haven’t heard the result yet!! Tbh I dont think my partner/role play interview went very well so I won’t be suprised if I don’t get an offer.


Hey, thanks for clarifying that…of course you get those questions so many times…that’s precisely why I was asking - was just curious because it seemed odd they are not specified as competencies.

I hope you do get the offer.

I applied to the Birmingham office…btw, how long was your first interview?


One more thing, do they literally ask you “tell me 2 examples when you delivered a presentation” or “tell me 2 examples when you had a goal and how you achieved it”…and so on?


First interview was about an hour long, maybe a bit more, it depends on how many questions you ask them but my interviewer was really concious of the time and finished asking his questions in an hour.

He would say something like “in my job I have to organise things etc…can you tell me about a time you planned something” and then he summed up what I said and asked me for another example and again repeated it back to me.