Deloitte Tax Application


I checked on the Deloitte website and their applications for Tax positions for September are still open, is this true? I would think that all their positions would be full. If they are accepting an application, can anyone give me some advice as I had had no luck with any jobs and this could be my last chance to secure something for september!


They do have some vacancies but they are few and far between. For example I know they have 1 vacancy for corporate tax in Liverpool and 1 for VAT in Leeds. Re vacancies, I would advise calling graduate recruitment to find out what tax vacancies they have and where.

Re the app, have you seen my post, Deloitte Application - Tax? ( This should give you some pointers. If you draft your answers I’d be perfectly happy to read them and give you my thoughts if you emailed them to me. The online tests are much easier than the others too, in my opinion. Good Luck!!


I got rejected for a public sector internal audit position for sept 2008 shall i put this on my form or shall i say i havent previously applied to deloitte?


I think, with your name and DOB they will be able to “chase your previous applicatins” to KPMG. just be honest.


How about stuff like extenuating circumstances, which are subject to verification , I got a 2:2, but I was heavily involved in tennis for university


Tennis. that’s good. but tell them that you were the captain of the team, were not u? I was in the same situation when i did my undergrad. Unlike you I worked part time till late after classes almost everyday. Although I had slightly lower marks, I gained a good experience in teaching and leading.

You need to justify whatever you tell them. Good luck


Well i got rejected people, any other vacancies in the big 4 for this year for Tax/Audit or do i have to wait till sept


Have you thought about applying outside of the [[big 4]]? There are some pretty good firms that have no problem with 2.2’s …see [[list of accountancy firms]].


Have you got any feedback from them. What was the main reason for rejection?