Deloitte Tax application - driving me crazy


I really want a job in taxation, esp. in Deloitte, however I am so stuck with the online application form esp. on questions regarding: Why deloitte? Why Tax? I’ve done extensive research on Deloitte, however, I simply don’t know how to present myself in a passionate way and show them my drive on the form

I have pasted a few of my answers can some one help me please? :rolleyes:

Why deloitte?

  1. Rated number one tax practice three yeras in a row by International Tax Review, with 19.2% growth in 2007.
  2. More extensive range of tax expertise than other firms
  3. Allows me to work with different types of clients ;contribute to charities effectively through “give as you earn” scheme
  4. continue professional development which allows me to learn constantly
  5. Deloitte encourages diversity with strong community spirit
    Why Tax???

1.challenging career to apply both quantitative and qualitative skills : tax is the best option
2 potential development within the firm very appealing : after completing ATT and CTA exams become a tax advisor / partner in Tax Group
3. huge opportunities within this career path
4. apply communications skills by explaining complicated tax compliance matters in simplified terms to clients
5. working with great attention to details while giving innovative advice to clients


Sounds good to me. You don’t have to say that much on the application forms, you just need to show you actually know what job and company you are applying for. You will probably get much more chance to talk about it at interview. For an extra few brownie points, find out about any CSR activities they are involved with and talk about how much you are impressed about what they do in the community, most of the big 4 seem to love that!


I agree … I think you’ve got it covered. I would swap the word ‘partner’ in ‘Why tax 2.’ for manager- the reason being is that only a tiny fraction ever decide to continue and make it to partner- so its quite an unrealistic expectation to have when applying for grad scheme. Saying you want to be a manager and manage your own clients is much more realistic and shows you are committed to career.

I’d also swap ‘giving advice’ (why tax 5) for ‘helping clients’. The reason is you are unlikely to be giving any advice until you are qualified.

One other point- although you may particularly favour Deloitte, make sure you apply with same care and detail to the other firms- getting in can be a bit of a lotto and in actual fact you will have pretty similar experience whichever firm you go to.

But well done- I think that’s spot on.


Hi im in a similar position so i was just wondering how you would structure your answer? Would you put it as bullet points, as above, or compile it into paragraph(s)? Which way would you recommend? thanks


Deloitte’s application form says you have to answer questions in bullet points


I did extended bullet points for mine. Did a couple of sentences for each bullet point and that seemed to work out fine…