Deloitte tax application answers

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Hi this is my first post and I am looking for some advice on my application, I have posted my answers to the career motivation questions below in order to get some advice and also to hopefully help some people who are completing the application. Any views are welcome

Why Deloitte
Deloitte offer strong emphasis on training and career development which is supported by an excellent internal support network
Deloitte encourages diversity and has a strong community spirit helping two excellent charities in NSPCC and Cancer Research UK as well as offering a give as you earn scheme
Deloitte are market leaders in Tax as shown through their number one rating by International Tax Review for the past three years, this will give me an opportunity to learn from the best in the field
Deloitte has a deep and far reaching client base which will allow me to improve my knowledge of a number of industries

Why tax
Tax is a challenging career which allows the use of both quantitative and qualitative skills.
Tax offers the chance for excellent career progression through the firm – after qualifying there is the opportunity to become a tax advisor or manager
Tax allows me to work in teams with varied specialisms in order to find the best solution to a client’s needs
Tax requires excellent communication skills when explaining complicated matters to clients in simpler terms
Tax offers the chance to build relationship directly with clients
Tax requires great attention to detail while giving innovative advice to clients

Day to Day
I will spend a substantial amount of time training and studying for exams - In order to qualify I will need sit the ICAEW ACA or similar accounting qualification and am likely to complete the tax module early on.

The work I will be carrying out is likely to be:
checking and documenting tax returns;
running tax models and scenarios; and
general admin work, such as proof reading and writing reports and letters.

Most of this work is office based and I understand that tax is deadline driven so overtime will be necessary




Good stuff. I wouldn’t take it out but don’t be under any illusion you’ll get to advise clients about diddly squat. The client teams will likely contain tax professionals and everyone, including the cleaners, will probably have more experience and knowledge than you will.

All firms are paranoid about giving out negligent advice or who may later come to rely on what you say, so 99% of the time the best idea is to keep your mouth shut and take notes.

I think you’ll probably need to demonstrate an awareness that there will be some client contact, and the need to focus on client service and delivery, but the bonus points are in realising the risks of doing so.


Hi thanks for your comments - not really which point you are talking about in particular but I take that what you saying is that its better to keep your mouth shut in the early days in case you may give some poor advice?


Make sure in the interview you don’t come across too smart-arse- you won’t be advising clients, rather you will be helping them complete their tax returns and checking all the information they provided is valid. In [[tax]] a lot of the work is behind the scenes, back at your own office, rather than at a client’s site.