Deloitte - Tax - Advisory & Transactions - 2016 Intake



Did anyone have the Partner Interview for the 2016 intake? Are there any tips that you could give?



Hi there

I didn’t have the partner interview, but did see this page which may be of help for you:

Best of luck!


Yeah, I checked that one, I just thought that maybe someone had it cause I am still waiting for them to tell me when will I have it. Thanks!


Hi, I had the partner interview for the 2015 intake. It was pretty structured with lots of general/ strength based questions (i.e. how would you approach a problem), not much about my CV etc.

Btw, how was the assessment center this year, what did you do?



hey could you give me some info about the first round interview for advisory and transactions (tax) please. I would like to prepare for the case study if possible. Thanks :slight_smile: