Deloitte Tax AC

Civil Service Fast Track

Just had my AC and thought I’d explain what was asked etc since I found this forum really useful from start to end of the application procedure. The AC started off with the etray exercise, this lasted 1 hour where i had to read the information provided and answer c.20 emails. I had tried the civil service one and found there was a lot of info to read and i finished with only a few minutes to spare, with the deloitte etray a lot of the info is in tables and charts which makes it easier to read and understand. First thing you should do is open every attachment and leave it open on your taskbar for easy reference, someone had suggested this and i found it really helped. I finished with 17 min to spare, I found it preety straightforward compared to the civil service one.

I then had a little break before i had to write an email to my ‘boss’ regarding a takeover strategy, int his exercise they are testing your writting skills and presentation so re read whatever you write to avoid making silly mistakes. A partner then came to speak to me about which company I chose and why, this is also very straighforward if you have made a reasoned decision, its basically defending your choice.

I was then taken for lunch with two graduates one started 6 months before and the other had been there for over 3 years, they were very nice and friendly and it was a good time to ask them about the company. do show an interest and ask as many questions as you can it will give you things to talk about with the partner.

Finally i had an hour interview with a partner, this was very similiar to the competency interview I had before so as long as you prepared well for the first interview you should be fine. Keep up to date with current affairs and also do some research on a couple of companies because i was asked to speak about any company I had read about and the company I work for on the weekends whilst im at uni.

On my way home i received a call from HR offering me the job! If you prepare and are confident its not that difficult to get through, i would suggest that you take advantage of any event days as that was how i got my foot in the door and helped me answer the question ‘why deloitte’ easily!

Good luck to you all!