Deloitte Tax 2012


I thought I would set up a recent thread for Deloitte 2012 entry as other threads have really helped me upto now. I have my first interview on Tuesday for Tax at the Leeds office and am hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice on how to prepare for this. The commercial awareness competency is one that I am really stuggling with. Could anyone PM me with some hints or tips please? I can’t fnd something in answer to “What are the issues Deloitte is facing at the moment?”. Also, I am very willing to give my experiences and advice to anyone on the earlier stages of the application process.


Hi Zoe,

I am invited to sit the numerical reasoning test for tax, and I was wondering if you have any advice on this part of the process. Do you remember how many questions there are? Do you know how many of them you should answer correctly to be successful?

Thank you a lot. Good luck with your interview!!


Hi Eleni,
The numerical reasoning test was fairly straight forward, its all about being able to read numbers from figures correctly and work out percentages and things.I think there were about 18 questions but I dont remember exactly, I know i didnt finish them all. I didnt answer the last one and still passed so i guess it will depend on how many you get right out of the ones you answer. I think they would like as many right answers as possible and not a lot left unanswered so don’t spend loads of time on just one question. You get told how much time you have and how many questions before u start so work out about how many minutes you should spend on each and throughout the test it says how many you have left and how much time is left for you to keep track. Just try not to panic and make sure you have a nice quiet place to do it in. Hope this helps.

PS. Don’t try and do it on google chrome browser. I did and had massive trouble switching browsers just before the test started, causing a lot of panic. You’re best using Internet Explorer if you can.


:o) thank you so much for this, zoe! very helpful information. and already I feel much calmer…good luck with your interview and hope to see u soon at Deloitte :wink:


Dear Eleni, in regards to the threats/opportunity that Deloitte face currently- how did you prepare for the answer and did you make sure your answer is closely linked to Tax instead of other practices? Thanks


Just got an offer with Deloitte in Tax to begin in Summer/Autumn - if anyone needs a couple of tips, hit me up with a message! Best of luck to all those applying x


Congrats on the offer! I got one too! Super excited. What office and area of tax are you working in?


Congrats to you too! I’ll be in London for Indirect tax - what about you?


I’m in London too. I’m in Global Employer Services. I guess we could be seeing each other soon.


Hi, was wondering if you could give me some advice on an application. I am yet to submit it but have the following three questions to answer.

Through your research and in your own words please explain five key reasons why you are interested in joining Deloitte

Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients

Please let us know what you think you will be doing in your first year on your chosen programme and service line


Question 1 is your own personal opinion. For questions 2 and 3 the answers are on the website, well, they were for the audit service line.


Thank you!


I recently applied for Audit for September 2012 start, however I’ve just received a phone call saying that it’s now full and that as I’ve passed the online test I can be moved onto Tax if I wanted to.

As far as I can see, they don’t offer ACA or ACCA on their tax programmes, so I just wondered what qualification they offer and whether I would be restricted on what I could do, once my graduation contract expires



I applied to Deloitte for Tax and passed the online application and 3 questions they ask but failed the online tests, but passed everything for PwC and have had a job offer - Deloitte have high expectations. Good luck to those applying, really concentrate on the numerical and reasoning questions, I thought I had done well and passed with everyone else but not Deloitte.

Robot1000 - my understanding is that you would study for a professional qualification, most likely the ACA or equivalent depending on where you are based.


Well done on getting the job!
I would appreciate if you could answer my question.I was wondering whether we are supposed to decide on the Tax service line before we apply? I was thinking we could rotate between different service lines and then decide on the one.
Thanks a lot


Which service line are you interested in? Which office?


Hi Mohs110
London office, Tax, but not sure which service line. Ideally want to get the taste of all of them: Corporate, Indirect, Personal, Global Employee etc.


It doesn’t work that way. You will be asked to make a choice if your successful on the e tray. How far have you got with the process?


I am only at the application process ))
And when answering career motivation question ‘Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients’ I gave examples of the Tax function as a whole and not just examples of what Indirect Tax do, or Corporate Tax, etc. Do you think I should describe only one service line?


I’ve been told that there is only ‘tax depreciation’ left for this coming year.

It seems to be quite a niche area. Would this mean I would be working in this area alone through the training contract?