Deloitte TAA 1st interview on monday 22nd! - NEED ADVICE AND HELP! PLS


hi everyone… i’ve just recently graduated from LSE with a 2:1, and hav applied to Deloitte TAA… I looked at all the information on wikijob and found it very helpful…thank u so much but i just wanted 2 know if there is anything else i could know to help me get through 2 the next stage…

I’ve had interviews before e.g. for deloitte summer vacation scheme, barclays - finance grad scheme but i’m always losing out at the 1st interview…i really dont want history to repeat itself again so just wanted some extra advice!!

i’ll be extremely grateful 2 u all!!!




The 1st Interview I had for Deloitte for TAA was very structured. The interviewer basicly went through a list of competencies (teamwork, leadership etc) and I had to give two examples where I had shown the skill. I think its a good idea if you take one example from your uni course and one from work/ free time. They also asked about what I expected from/ why I wanted the accountancy qualifications, why I wanted to work for deloitte and my experience/ interest in working with computers/ technical stuff.

I hope this gives you an idea what to expect!


thank u so much for your reply!!’s really appreciated!! :D…

totally forgot they will ask questions on working with computers and stuff!! I will definitely let u know how i got on!

thank u so much! your’re a lifesaver!



I was unsuccessful with Deloitte first interview. What I found was that the competency qs were about making sure you tick the boxes, they’re unlikely to fail you for them solong as you have reasonable answers.

The bit that got me was when he asked me about the business line I was going for. You have to know you’re stuff and show that you’re really interested in it.

Hope this helps!


Hi Hlevison,
Thanks for your feedback. Don’t lose confidence. There are 3 more for you to try!! Work hard on them.


hi Hlevison…thank u so much for your advice.really helped me…i think i’ve prepared well enough…

its tomorrow…so will let u all know on how it went!


interesting comments, i’ve been thinking of applying for a while myself. how did you apply? what are the minimum requirements to join? ive just got 1 more module and im done with a 2.1. i have an iterview with barclays on thursday though. when i do apply to deloitte, im thinking of assurance / audit. why where you unsuccessful hlevison?


hi guys!

had my interview yday…wouldn’t say it was excellent but pray to god…

i arrived at 9.30 being the keen person i am but the line manager who was supposed to interview had not arrived so i was told to wait in the reception. After waiting for nearly 20 mins I went to the receptionist for further information and she tells me that she forgot to tell me to go in…hmmm

the guy who interviewed me was a line manager at TA&A. The competencies that he concentrated on were a slight variation to the ones on the website. The initial questions were basic such as team working and leadership questions and goal setting questions. However the next 1 threw me - it was 1 which assessed my thought processes when faced with different options for a decision however i managed to give a few examples.

as Hlevison said you really need to know about the service you are applying for as they really grill you about what you know as specifically what differentiates Deloitte from the other Big 4 firms

Make you sure you had about 3 -4 examples for each competency because as soon as i finished giving one example, he asked for another straightaway especially with questions such the as challenges faced by a professional services firm such as Deloitte.

Hopefully this gives everyone applying to TA&A a broader insight to the 1st round interview…

fcuk19 - it’s the std application form on their recruitment system…the min requirements are a 2:1 but grade b in both english and maths gcse… all the info is on their website…


Hi, chellamae,

I hope you have been successful at this interview!

Did they ask business news you are interested in?
Your favorite company/ industry?

How many examples they expect from above questions?

If they require more than 2 examples for all questions, I wonder if one hour interview time is enough.


hi cityapril,

i still have’nt heard from so dn’t know if i have got through to the next round…:S

he didnt ask me about recent news but he did ask about a business that is doing well at the moment…

my interview lasted just under 1 1/2 hours including the questions i asked him…

hope this helps!


FCUK19 - How did your interview go with Barclays this Thursday gone? Please answer! thanks!