Deloitte SVS Professional Services Application


I’m really stuck on what to put for the last question namely-
“Please let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis as a Summer Vacation Scheme student?”

I’m struggling to fill up the 100 words, so far I’ve got:-
Helping with photocopying, typing, proofreadying and general admin work.
Assisting associates where needed
Shadowing associates on client visits and meetings

What else could I put? Thanks!


Hey cymro

I don’t know which department you are applying for but I would not put the ‘photocopying’ because they want to know how much you’ve researched on the department and how much you know about the work involved in the department.

I am applying to the Professional Rotations Services scheme and wrote about being part of audit teams: visiting client sites and stock counts.

Do try to find out more about the field and don’t rush your application.

After talking to interns from last year, I found out that the work involved is very similar to that of a graduate trainee.

Hope that helps.


It shows what you might be doing, add more to the answer cos im assuming many people have visited that page


Also see - [[audit & assurance]]!


Hi , I’m applying for the rotation scheme ( no other option in the office that I have chosen ) btw. Ive taken out photocopying now and put in some more about audit teams etc, anything else of note that I could include?