Deloitte SVS- changing service line pre Interview???


Hello, I recently passed the Deloitte e-tray task for the Summer vacation scheme and was asked to complete the service line questionnaire. My original intention was to apply for Audit however upon opening the questionnaire this was not one of the available options, I’m guessing they must be full for the office I applied to.

The two available options were Audit Advisory and Tax. Regretfully I made the hasty decision of choosing the Audit advisory line without fully researching the service. After doing some research however I really do not see myself fitting in with Audit advisory/risk consulting and would much prefer to pursue the tax route.

Deloitte emailed me after the completion of the questionnaire and said they would be in contact shortly to arrange an interview. That was 2 days ago however they have not yet done so. As such, do you think there is still an opportunity to change to Tax?

I’m seriously thinking about emailing them ASAP, before they contact me to arrange an interview, to try and rectify the situation however I’m worried that doing so would hinder my application as such a mistake would not give the best impression of me. Admittedly I am a fool for my lack of research before deciding on a service line. I just don’t want to go from a guaranteed interview and opportunity to gain a place on the scheme, albeit in the wrong service line, to nothing for such a silly mistake

Alternatively I could just say I accidentally clicked the wrong box??

Any thoughts?



Hi Josh,

You are better of emailing them. Remember you are only communicating with someone from the recruitment team and not someone in the office.

Which office have you applied too?


Thanks Trevor, I emailed them and managed to get it changed.

I applied to the Manchester office.


Hi Joshua,
I would like to know more about the service line questionnaire?
Is it assessed/essay based?
Or is it just a drop down selection thing to know your preferences on what line you choose?


Hi Josh,

Did you email to let them know what is on your mind?
I’m allocated into Audit Analytics and Controls although I feel like I’m more suitable for Sustainability because of my business mindset!