Deloitte Summer Vacation Scheme - Professional Servives Roataion


Hi guys,

I have been invited to the final stage of the selection process, which involves a one hour manager interview and an electronic case study exercie.

was just wondering if anyone else has done this specifically for the internship programme. any feedback regarding this would be appreciated as there don’t seem to be many forums discussing internships!!




Hey Jamie,

I just got invited to the final stage, too. However, I haven’t arranged a date, yet. Did you do it already or did you get any feedback? If you did, please share it with me.




I have an offer for the summer vacation scheme. The e-tray exercise and the interview are the same for interns and graduates. Just practise an example of an e-tray exercise online before. You can’t really prepare for the e-tray. The manager interview is just competency based. Prepare two examples of each of their competencies (on the website)


Exactly what Charlie said, just look at the graduate link, as the questions asked are exactly the same. My advice would be to just be prepared, be confident and be yourself!

Where are you working Charlie?


Thank you, guys. I am a little nervous but I hope everything will be alright. Is there anyone in Birmingham?


Im doing mine in the Birmingham office.


, and you?