Deloitte-summer intership interview-Actuarial and Insurance Solutions


hi, i have just passed both my numerical and verbal reasoning and invited to attend the interview.
has anyone been to this kind of interview before, what sort of question will they ask. what other activities will involve during the day. any advice?
Thank you very much!


Congratulations on passing these! How were the tests…hard/easy?

Have you seen the wiki on [[Deloitte]]? This will give you some tips and idea what to expect at interview. You might also want to see this article on [[internships]] and the articles on [[assessment centre / assessment centres|assessment centres]] / [[assessment day|assessment days]].

Has anyone been to an internship interview at Deloitte before? Does anyone have any more specific advice?


The tests are quite hard, but make sure you do plenty of practice before, should be fine.
yes, i have seen the articles. cos my intership is based on actuary, so just wondering the questions, would them be slightly different from audit?