Deloitte Summer Internship Application


Hi guys,

I’m currently filling in the application for the summer Professional Services Rotation scheme and was wondering about the importance of the optional choice of uploading a CV. The reason I’m asking is that I seem to have covered everything already on the application form, and I think I would only be repeating myself by uploading the CV. The only thing I think I’ve missed out are the rest of my GCSE grades as the application only asks for both Maths and English Language grades. Should I still go ahead and upload it?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


Yeah, definitely upload it. Even if you are repeating yourself


I applied to Deloitte grad scheme and decided not to upload my CV for the reasons youv’e outlined.


Doom, which scheme did you apply for? Was your application successful?


Applied to audit. After submitting my application the following morning i was invited to take the numerical test.

Personally i didn’t feel my CV would be that benefical - i completed the application thoroughly and felt it was sufficient. My Alevel grades are good, but my GCSEs are indifferent. Considering my luck the C in gcse Spanish i got could of got me rejected - just didn’t want to take the risk!