Deloitte start date flexibility


Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody knows how flexible Deloitte are when it comes to start dates. This is as i finish my degree in Sept, and i told the recruitment lady this on the phone, however, she insisted 16th August is the start date for the management consultanty programme. Also on my interview i told the senior manager that i finish my degree in Sept, and she didnt mention anything then. I have an AC coming up this week, maybe i could bring it up then? They should be quite flexible right? Or am i being unrealistic? Any input would be of great help.



From what I hear…because I prebooked a holiday not knowing the start date for corporate tax…the HR lady dealing with my application said that they are flexible with prebooked holidays and I think your university year is a bit more important than a holiday! So I don’t see why they would have a problem with it to be honest. But I would suggest either writing them an email and contacting them by phone to confirm this.


cheers 4 ur response


Hi,dilthegymfiend, what is your start date for corporate tax? Im in the interview stage of the application for tax and wondering what the actual start date might be (as it would be rather soon if i can pull it off!) Thanks