Deloitte September 2017 Intake Offers Page


Hey Guys! Thought I’d make a page for people that received and accepted an offer with Deloitte. I think it will be nice if we start building relationships now! So just post what division you got the offer for and the location. Also questions questions questions!


Got an offer for GES Tax in London.


I’ve got an offer for Business Tax - Advisory in London!


The salary for London was £28750 last year, but may go up this year. It was in our offer letter which was sent 5 working days after.


Anyone know what the starting salary is for Liverpool, Manchester regions?


Hello everyone,
I’ve accepted an offer for Audit in Cambridge. Has anyone else applied for / accepted an offer for the Cambridge office?


Has anyone signed their contract? I got offered in December and havent heard back since


Hey guys congrats to you all - we did it!!! I’m one of the quirky cats that’ll be at Deloitte Digital in London this September. Look forward to meeting you all at the induction.