Deloitte Sample Application Form Answers - Tax


Please let us know why a career at Deloitte appeals to you compared with other career options? (max 100 words in bullet point format).

· Deloitte offer the opportunity for career progression, demonstrated by their recent ranking as the number one tax practice three years in a row by the International Tax Review.
· Deloitte have an extensive range of tax expertise, using their knowledge and expertise to find an effective business solution for their clients.
· Deloitte have excellent training, supplemented by a great support network.
· The modern business world requires great communication and teamwork, two areas Deloitte are renowned for, building these skills by encouraging diversity and strong community spirit.
· For these reasons I believe I would flourish at Deloitte.

Please let us know why you are particularly interested in joining the service line you have specified? (max 100 words in bullet point format).
· Tax is varied and challenging, requiring application of both quantitative and qualitative skills.
· Tax offers great career potential, able to become a tax advisor or manager in after qualification.
· Tax enables application of communications skills as complicated tax compliance matters needs to be communicated in simplified terms to clients.
· Tax is technical, requiring great attention to detail whilst helping clients.
· Tax and the law are intertwined, a knowledge of the latter essential for effective advice on the former. It is this relationship alongside the technical complexity of tax which attracts me to this role.

Please let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis as a graduate in your first choice service line including any commitments required for professional qualifications (if applicable)(max 100 words in bullet point format).
· In order to qualify I will need sit the ICAEW ACA or equivalent accounting qualification and am likely to complete the tax module early on.
· Thus, I will spend a substantial amount of time training and studying for these exams.
· The work I will be carrying out is likely to be:
o checking and documenting tax returns;
o running tax models and scenarios; and
o general admin work, such as proof reading and writing reports and letters.
· Much of this work will be office based thus enabling work to be supervised and me to be supported.

Please give brief details, in bullet point format, of the positions you have outlined, including dates & key responsibilities (maximum 200 words in total).

This is individual so my answers would be pointless. However, I divided mine into catergories, eg uni, community, etc and only listed them in bullet point form.


These are really very useful posts - thank you very, very much for contributing!

A small point of note to prospective applicants - rememer to use these great model answers as a guide to what to write on your application… but don’t actually use these answers themselves! …you will almost certainly get caught out!

Thanks again Accountant1981 - so tell me, were you offered an interview from Deloitte/KPMG? Did you apply to all of the big four?

Out of interest, could I also ask you, what are the most important factors for you when making applications? Money, progress, company reputation, CSR issues… interested to find out!



I applied to Deloitte, KPMG and PwC. I was offered interviews at them all but was ofered PwC (which was my number 1 choice) before the interview dates so withdrew my applications for the others.

Money is obviously a factor but as none of the firms tell you what they pay and all trainees are sworn to secrecy, this could hardly be a factor in the decision making progress. However, this isn’t hugely important to me as I’m not money motivated. I was more interested in the quality of training, company reputation and mix of people. CSR was a consideration of course but in my view these firms could do more than they do and the fact they don’t is not going to stop me accepting a job! And of course the social aspect, there are apparently regular social events, which I feel are important to enable you to get to know everyone, especially when you’re working away from the office for long periods like I will be! Also, they guarantee you a job at the end of the 3 years (if you work hard I guess) and have secondment opportunities so this security and the option to move away for a while also appealed.

However, most important was the feel of the firm. I felt really comfortable there and got on really well with everyone I met who were open and friendly. HR were efficient and friendly and PwC’s text messages made me feel welcome before I’d even entered the office! Accountancy is a change of direction for me so if I hadn’t have felt comfortable there I would have rejected the job offer.


…I’m pretty sure all the big 4 have very similar salaries. Very interesting posts - you obviously felt very positive towards PwC after your interviews (…or are you just on the company payroll?!) :slight_smile:

I guess you’ll be starting soon? Looking forward to hearing how you like working for PW and what working life is like…


P.S. I didn’t know PwC used text messages with candidates/new hires - how does this work?


I did indeed. I’ll let you know how I like it once I’ve started in September.

Basically, the day day before your interview and assessment centre they just send you a text saying they’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. It’s a sort of reminder (as if you’d need it!) and made me feel quite welcome. No other job I’ve applied to has done that!


Text messages! That’s a new one on me- not seen that one before, but what a great idea!


Hi if you don’t mind, may I ask that what was the score you achieved in undergraduate please? I am not sure about the achievement. I am from oversea background and I only have 80%, which just met the line they required. I am a bit worried about if I can apply. Thank you very much!


thanks very much for sharing


Hey, how’s the difficulty of online test big4 respectively? how did you prepare it? Thanks!


Describe what you think will motivate you about working at Deloitte and the role you have applied to.(max 200 words in bullet point format)