Deloitte Sample Application Form Ans- Audit


Hi I am applying for Deloitte- Audit, can any tell me some sample answer to the application form questions.


Hi Shams -
You’ll need to post up the actual questions before anyone will be able to give you advice! …write down the questions you’re struggling with and tell us your present ideas for answering these questions and I am sure we’ll be able to give you suggestions on how to answer these questions…

…but remember, we’re not here to actually write your answers for you!!


one of the qs i am having trouble answering is:

Please let us know why a career at Deloitte appeals to you compared with other career options?

the reason being that is I read all the info on their website and other Big 4 firms and to me all the firms seems to have the same attributes, so can anyone tell me why they would or did choose Deloitte over Pwc or KPMG or E&Y and vice versa.


You need to read the other posts in the forums on this. See -

There are obvious things you could/need to talk about: impressive reputation, recent growth (I believe Deloitte acquired Arthur Anderson’s best people a few years ago - google/wikipedia for more info), good career progression, training.

It’s important you explain what appeals to you, and then explain why this is. Your answers to every question can be used as a way to sell yourself - for example, a portion of this answer could be something like:

…Deloitte’s highly structured graduate training program has a reputation for being the very best in the industry. Having obtained 5 A Levels and a first class degree in Chemistry from Oxford University, I am excited by the chance to train with, and be trained by the best, and believe that my proven academic ability will allow me to excel in what I am sure is the right training environment.


Spot on. It’s also making a mention of [[Deloitte]]'s corporate social responsibility attributes too, as well as their working culture (‘passion for excellence’ etc)


hi. i would like to work for DELOITEE at development & testing side. i kindly request you to go through my resume.
thank you