Deloitte’s clients


Does anyone know who some of Deloitte’s major clients are, especially the Reading branch?

Or how I can could this info out?



It’s very difficult to find out which companies the professional services firms audit.

The only one I can remember being told is GAP - the clothing retailer.


Thanks, I’ve heard that we may need to discuss this in Partner interview, do you think that this is not the case?


It didn’t come up for me. The best thing to do would be to ask the trainee that you go for lunch with before the interview. That’s what it’s there for. Any questions you can’t find the answer to, ask them.


There is a way you can find out if the info is not on the DTT website. First you have to realize what is the geographical reach of the given office (estimate of the area where the given office probably operates). Then you have to know which big companies operate within that area. After you got names of the companies just visit their webs and download their annual reports. The reports include auditor’s opinion (or statement, not sure about correct terminology) and there you see whether the company is client of Deloitte or not (the chance will be 1 in 5 for big firms I guess).


That’s what I tried to do but it takes a while, particularly since PwC seem to audit everybody. Try the main supermarkets maybe (Not Tesco or Sainsburys though) and then some major retail stores you can think of. To be honest doing it geographically won’t definitely help because many companies have weird structures where their head office is somewhere completely different or they’re owned by another company that has its head office somewhere else. I don’t think they’ll be looking for you to have a big knowledge on which clients you may be auditing in Reading, since at any big 4 company you’ll have to travel everywhere, not just in your region. Just try and find a few companies that Deloitte audits. The method posted by Vinczo is good and its what I did, but it’s time consuming, so you’re probably best off just waiting till your lunch.



Wow that would have been really, really helpful if I’d known about that before.