Deloitte Risk Consulting Service Line Questionnaire


After completing the service line questionnaire, I was put into Audit Advisory - Audit Analytics & Controls (
I actually wanted Sustainability because I think that is where my real interest lies. I have a mind for business and I’m not that into auditing.

Should I email Deloitte to let them know? Or just speak out once I’m at the interviewing centre?
I’m worried that if I inform them now, they might not have a position in Sustainability. Even worse, they know I do not have a lot of interest in auditing and will remove me from the selection process. I am now waiting for someone from Deloitte to contact me to arrange an interview date.

Please advise


Winron did you give them an email? btw, which office did you apply to


Youbo13, yes, I have emailed them. After all, it is essentially important to have a job that I am truly happy about. Having said that, there is not much options for me to maneuver.
I applied for Birmingham office but I was informed this morning that there are no vacancies there. Might have to switch to Nottingham office.

What about you?


I am with Audit right now, I want to goto Audit Advisory. I havent emailed them (yet)…just outlying the pro and cons right now. Have you got a secured place i.e. have you passed the interview?


I have got a confirmed place on the SVS, so it may be more difficult for me. As well as SVS has now closed for new applicants.


I am currently waiting for the recruitment team at Nottingham to contact me to arrange an interview.
The only issue I am worried about joining Audit Advisory is studying for ACA qualification. It sounds hard :confused: I have very little knowledge in accounting too…

Congrats on your confirmed place on SVS though!


You would only do aca after you secured a graduate role. Aca is not easy (I study Accounting) , but not impossible. You could probably change after you secured a graduate role maybe…