Deloitte Risk Consulting Graduate Scheme 2014: Ask Me Anything.


Hey everyone!

As the forums on wikijobs were quite helpful to me in my application and interview process with Deloitte, I thought I would offer any tips and advice to anyone who is interested.

I was recently offered the job as a Risk Consultant, specialising in the Governance and Compliance sector at Deloitte LLP in Bristol, so I know the full process and will provide any hints and tips if anyone wants it.

I admit, I can’t remember everything, but I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have. :slight_smile:


Best of luck for your new job dear. Hows your experience of interview on phone ? Was it difficult or you made it very easily ?


Thank you very much!

I didn’t have a telephone interview, after the e-Tray exercise, I was invited to a face to face interview at the office with the manager of my department. I feel that face to face is much easier than a telephone interview as it’s not as scripted, my interviewer and I were chatting about everything, so my personality really shone through.

However, I did have a telephone interview for several other companies, such as PwC. They ask you 2 questions per competency, so as long as you prepare 2 different examples for each competency you should be ok.

Hope this helps in some way.


I have submitted my application into Risk Consulting in Deloitte London. This was submitted on 12th June 2014. But I haven’t received any response regarding current status of my application. Regarding academic requirements and so, I don’t find any chance of rejecting my application. Could please anyone let me know by when did you all receive the notification regarding application.
Thanks in advance!


hi guys , i got my final interview last week at Deloitte Mauritius, but till now , no rejection mail or no phone call for offer. what should i consider it to be ? am i rejected ?



I first submitted my application on the 23rd March, and was invited to do the online tests on the 26th March. After I had completed all the online tests (incl. e-Tray exercise), it was 5 working days before I received an email stating I had passed the e-Tray. Hopefully they’ll contact you by the end of the week.

Good luck!


Hi vicky1993.7

First of all, congrats on getting this far! :slight_smile: Did the interviewer not tell you when you should expect to hear from them? I wouldn’t assume you’ve been rejected, just wait a few more days, if you still haven’t had a reply, then I suggest you email your Student Recruitment officer.

I was told the day after my partner interview. The partner phoned me himself, which was a lovely surprise.

Good luck!


Ow k…Thankyou mkdinh…


hey guys , i called at deloitte as i didnt receive any reply after my partner interview. when i asked the person in charge , she told me you will get a reply soon … am quite impatient and afraid also.any1 who have been through the same step ?


Hi guys, I’ve been called for an interview…“Risk Advisory, Forensics.” I’m so nervous, don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for the assessments and the one on one interview…any one please help !


Hey vicky1993.7,

Sometimes they delay the decision making if there are more than one candidate going for he same position. So the wait might be longer due to that. Just be patient and keep applying for other jobs to get your mind off it, they will call you sooner or later.

Good luck


Hi nkalipho,

Congratulations on passing the application process and getting an interview!

2 questions per competencies, there are 5 in total at this stage. Don’t be afraid to contact your student recruitment officer to ask which 5 of the competencies you are going to be asked about. You can Google the competencies and it will give you lots of different sample questions.

Remember always follow the STAR method:

Follow this and you should be fine! If the interviewer wants to know more they will ask follow up questions, so its good to get all the information down on paper so you can memorise the details! Also, try not to lie, they’ll probably see through you! Pick examples from education, work experience, extra curricular activities and personal.

Best of luck!


Hi there everybody, onto the final interview stage at Deloitte , been given the presentation question: ‘In order to give its staff more working flexibility, a national media company is introducing iPhones and iPads. The company has several divisions including production of tv shows and a newspaper branch. What are the risks of introducing this moveable form of media?’

First ever time I’ve gotten to this stage and to present it for 5 minutes is rather constraining, can someone help? I have constantly changed the structure and am getting to the point where I’m overthinking it.



Hi pashani,

I had less than 48 hours to prepare for mine so I didn’t have much time to overthink and change it a lot.

I did 6 slides altogether. First was a very short introduction, followed by 3 risks that I went into a little detail, and I had mentioned other risks in the next slide very briefly and then a conclusion where I gave my opinion.

What you need to do is plan, and practice a lot! It’s ok to have a handout for yourself or maybe flash cards to help you.

In my actual interview, the partner didn’t let me finish my presentation, he started to asked me questions after my 4th slide. But it was ok, it was about the topic and what I thought they should do.

I hope this helps! Good luck for your presentation and interview!


Hi Mkdinh

Cheers for the insight. i’ve prepared a 5 slide presentation, highlighting 3 risks, concluding remarks and questions and answers. I’ve been practicing it so that I can memorise it off by heart, and so far so good.

Which office was it that you had your interview at, and may I ask if you got an offer? I hope you did well :slight_smile:


Hi pashini,

I found it helpful practising with my friends. And make sure to time it so it’s 5minites long!

I had the interviews at the Bristol Office, and yes I got an offer the day after my partner interview. The partner rang me himself to offer me the job!


hello mkdinh, congratulations on getting an offer.

I have recently started filling the summer internship application form. And I was wondering if you guys can suggest me what is the best approach to answer the following questions:

Describe what in particular energises you about working for Deloitte and the role you have applied to? Make sure your answer covers the following elements: What drives, interests and motivates you to perform well at work? How do you think this aligns to the role you have applied to?
(max 100 words in bullet point format)

Please let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis as a Summer Vacation Scheme Student.
(max 100 words in bullet point format)

Note: I am not asking for specific answers. But I need some guidance as I am confused at the moment with the approach especially for the first question.


Hi arsam, thank you :slight_smile:

I think the best advice I can give you is to read about what services Deloitte provide and what this particular scheme offers you. You can find a lot of information on their website, just have a read.

With regard to the first question, they just want to know why you chose Deloitte in particular, and you need to assure them that you can stay motivatd throughout the whole scheme and enjoy your time there. Any passions you have, maybe you just love business or numbers, love learning etc. Whatever you choose to include, make sure you relate it back to the role.

Good luck with your application, I hope this somewhat helps.


Thank you so much mkdinh. I alteady did my research for the business. The thing that was confuaing me is that they asked to write an answer in bullet points so I cant really expand on it and limit is 100 words as well. But oh well every one will be writing in the same space and manner. Btw can you provide me some guidance about the online tests? The difficulty level and which company’s test they use? And what is the best way to preparr for it?


Already* prepare*

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