Deloitte Risk Advisory Graduate 2016



Hi guys,
Deloitte’s graduate Risk Advisory scheme applications are well under way and I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to share advice on the application process and interviews. Good luck to everyone applying.
Has anyone received an offer yet or an interview? How have the online numerical and critical tests been so far?


Hi mehpat
I just submitted my application for risk advisory yesterday and I’m waiting for an email to do the online tests.
Just in case anyone was wondering theres an app for iPhone users allowing you to practise pearson critical thinking tests - Think-O-Meter. I highly suggest everyone downloads it, its great!!
I’m supposed to complete my tests very soon, does anyone have any advice on the numerical reasoning tests?

Thanks a lot guys!!


In terms of the numerical test, practice makes perfect so I suggest having a looking on websites such as jobtestprep and assessmentsdays they are very helpful. How did you find the career motivation section questions and have you submitted your application?
I know they hire 140 applicants for risk advisory per year


Hi ! I submitted my application last week but I have not receive the invitation to take the online test. How long did it take after you submitted the application before you get an invitation?


I’ve also has the same problem, I submitted last Thursday and haven’t received test invite yet. I’m going to ring HR today to find out and let you know what they say


Hiya camgirl1628, just emailed them to say I haven’t received my test invite and about an hour later I got the invite. It could have been a coincidence but I’ve got the invite now so maybe you could try emailing them too?


Hi Mehpat. Thank you so much for updating me. I’ve emailed to the student recruitment address that the application provided. Is this the email address that you sent to? I’m not sure how this works, hopefully it’s just been a busy time for them. I’ll let you know if I get an invite.


Just did the numerical and the test timed out due to poor connection :confused: from what I gathered the test was average


I applied for Tax the 2015 intake and passed the screening, I am waiting for an invitation for the next stage. The tests were fairly easy and I just used their practice ones on the site, I wasn’t willing to pay for any extra tests. :slight_smile:


the numerical was average, but the critical thinking test was so hard! Dont know how ive done at all


I applied for Tax, but I assume all tests are the same. Indeed the numerical one was average, but for the critical one you just need to pay a lot of attention and don’t panic. I only practiced on the ones they have on their site and it was fine. Good luck!


I did that too haha, what do you think will be the cut off percentiles? For the numerical I know I missed 4 questions so idk


I’d love to know the percentiles too and critical reasoning test is so hit and miss


What do you think the percentiles are, in your opinion?


From what I heard over 60% is a pass but that could all be speculation


Got rejected, oh well lol the test was hard


I was told the boundaries for the tests have changed this year, do you think they have been made harder?


How have they changed? What is the percentage cut off between pass and fail?


Hi guys,

I have applied for Risk Advisory in London and attended a first round interview a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to be informed that I had passed shortly afterwards.
Having been invited to a Partner Interview I haven’t been offered a date yet. Has anyone else or know of when the interviews will be scheduled?


Can please anyone share what you wrote regarding the expectations of the 1st year broadly? Did you talk broadly about everything like traning and work and studies or smth in particular? Many thanks.