Deloitte response


Hey guys has anyone applied for a position with Deloitte recently? I applied at the begining of Jan, was invited to complete the numeracy test which i did and passed and now am waiting for the results of my verbal reasoning test…its been a week? how long should i wait before calling them? anyone in the same situation?


HI Becky

it seems to take longer for a response after you’ve taken your verbal. I waited a week for my results then rang up (to find out I passed the verbal). They then immediately emailed to confirm the result. So perhaps worth giving them a ring if it’s been over a week.


thanks for the advice, I just called and they confirmed that I passed my test and they’ll get back to me this week with a date for my interview!


I’d be curious to know how long it takes you to get an interview date confirmed. Because this might take some time as well.
What division and office have you applied for?


I applied for Tax Consultancy at their Reading office, the HR person I spoke to took down my availabilities and said she would be in contact with the managers to see who is available to conduct the interview. She said she’d get back to me as soon as she had an answer.